Entertainment Mogul Megan Nager Brings Hollywood to The South

Entertainment Mogul Megan Nager Brings Hollywood to The South

“I love creating content that speaks to people in my generation and addresses the modern-day plights we all deal with. And the good thing about technology today is that it allows us to make this content from quite literally anywhere we want”

What was once known as the entertainment hub of the world, Hollywood seems to have lost most of its glitz and glam in 2020. Celebrities and content creators of all kinds are moving their talent and money out of one of the country’s most expensive city and bringing it elsewhere, in hopes of starting anew in cities with far more opportunity and less competition. Megan Nager is one of the many creatives leaving Los Angeles due to the city’s lack of job opportunity, rigid COVID-19 restrictions, and municipal mismanagement that’s created unprecedented levels of crime and homelessness. 

Megan, a comedian, writer, filmmaker, and owner of the production company, Wake and Make Media, has been an LA resident for close to a decade. After graduating with honors from Washington University in St. Louis, Megan Nager moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of being a filmmaker. After landing roles in several television shows and feature films, Megan began to create her own digital content. Her work, most of which is comedic, emphasizes the impact that social media and internet culture has on millennials. What started as a fun side gig evolved into a personal brand that’s surpassed Megan’s expectations and landed her jobs at production companies such as Kevin Hart’s LOL Network, TruTV, MTV, Amazon, and Steve Carell’s Carousel Production Company. 

After years spent behind and in front of the camera, Megan decided to launch her very own production company, Wake and Make Media LLC. With her partner, Corey Turner, the two began to create short series, commercials, and feature films for their Hollywood clients. The duo quickly became known amongst content creators in Los Angeles for their ingenuity and ability to quite literally do it all. Between Corey and Megan, the two have been able to tackle all aspects of filmmaking and promotion of their content. Because of their combined filmmaking and marketing experience, Corey and Megan have managed to create three award-winning series for Amazon Prime, countless high-quality commercials for national and international brands, and digital sketches for dozens of viral video creators. 

Despite Wake and Make Media’s success in LA, the Covid restrictions imposed on the city’s residents made it impossible for Megan to keep creating. After attempting to create two shows during quarantine and not being able to, Megan and her partner Corey decided it might be best to relocate Wake and Make to a city that would allow them to keep working during this time. The two settled on Charlotte, North Carolina, an up-and-coming city that is quickly growing and already booming with a large millennial population. The two quickly landed gigs creating content for several local brands and are working on a television show that is currently being shopped around various networks. 

“When we were considering leaving LA, both of us were a bit worried since we’re so used to living there and being surrounded by so many creatives. However, once a lot of our friends also began to leave the city, we realized that we’d have more opportunities elsewhere,” Megan explains. “And, the good thing about technology today is that it allows us to make this content from quite literally anywhere we want,” she says. And creating content they are! Megan and Corey have poured all their unique talents into Wake and Make Media, and are slowly emerging as the city’s leading production company and content creation hub. 

Megan has also continued to grow her personal brand while in Charlotte, which encourages millennial women to laugh at social issues and body image issues, rather than take them so seriously. Megan is passionate about creating content that comforts her viewers and impacts significant change in the world around her. By stretching her brand and influence far beyond the West coast, the rising artist hopes to reach an even larger audience than she was able to just in LA.

To learn more about the creative and check out her relatable and well-written content, visit the celebrated content creator’s official website and check out Wake and Make Media’s official site.

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