“Breasymask” that satisfies both fashion and function

“Breasymask”, which is popular in Asia as a functional fashion mask, is also drawing attention in the North American market. Korea’s Endeavour Lab was established in 2018 with the goal of solving breathing difficulties, a disadvantage of conventional masks. 

Breasymask applies technology developed by Endeavour Lab to the entire manufacturing process. In particular, the filter is suitable for sports that require intense breathing as it is applied with a reticulation method that can maximize ventilation.

In addition, mask users have raised concerns about other inconveniences such as sizes that do not fit the shape of their face or ear pain when wearing masks.  Breasymask is based on polyurethane foam material that boasts phenomenal elasticity and flexibility in order to solve these problems. Furthermore, according to a brand source, the masks are worth paying attention to if you have skin trouble from wearing masks for a long time.

“In 2019, we developed polyurethane and nanocellulose hybrid filters and applied for patents in 10 countries, and our technology was recognized first overseas,” the brand source stated. “We succeeded in developing polyurethane masks that are easy to breathe with and fits well in the process of developing filters and launched the professional brand  Breasymask.”

“Breasymask is considered to be leading the technology trend of fashion masks by showing 99.8% of pollen filtration rate, with four different color configurations,” he continued. “We have achieved passed a European standard raw material safety test and 99.8% in  UV(ultraviolet ray) protection test, allowing better protection of the skin. We have also increased economic feasibility by making it possible to use the mask more than 5 times with handwashing. “Breasymask has emerged as an alternative to existing masks that are difficult to breathe with and are being exported to more than 20 countries worldwide.  

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