Don Crucifixto, Sean Dampte and Joey Benks team up to bring an ultimate track

The trio effect on Don Curcifixto Anthem, combined by the talents of Don Crucifixto, Sean Dampte and Joey Benks have created a track under the title of Don Crucifixto. The song is set to usher the music industry into a new phase of quality entertainment. With the distinct qualities of each of the collaborators, the song is set to be a success all over the world.

London, United Kingdom – The power of a sole artist can be great, but when three of the most amazing artists are combined, they can make some groundbreaking results. Such a trio is formed by the collaboration of Don Crucifixto, Sean Dampte and Joey Benks, who have worked together to achieve something great and presented in front of the world, a new and refreshing track that they can enjoy. The song, titled as Don Crucifixto, is a combination of soothing vocals, catchy tunes and cheerful beats.

Don Crucifixto is a Nigerian-based record label that is domiciled in the United States. The company comprises artists signed to the label, music executives, digital media gurus and cinematographic producers. The film production unit of Don Crucifixto also produces movies for Netflix. The company focuses heavily on promoting the artists from Africa and gives them a platform to show their talent to the world.

Oluwaseun Oluyole, aka Sean Dampte, is a Nigerian-born and UK-based Afro-pop artist. With many great songs released, Sean is regarded as a pioneer of the Afro-Fusion sound. One of the most renowned tracks by Sean is titled as ‘Wine Your Tinkolo’, which received massive success and climbed the charts in Nigeria as well as globally. Joey Benks glorified Sean Dampte in an interview saying “Yes, we’ve had a few great songs together and he’s a kind of person that when he hears a hit he recognises it one time. And I like his new brand of music. And I feel he could do justice to it which he eventually did without any question.

Joey Benks, a successful, ever proficient music producer, is the third artist to collaborate in this anthem, Don Crucifixto. Benks has gained much recognition over the years, as he rose to fame and success, thanks to his unique style. He is intended to give real meaning to the track and serenade the audience all over the world.

The trio of the artists have put a lot of efforts and hard work into crafting a track of this calibre. No mere song can stand close to this anthem. This track is going to be a hit in the homeland and abroad as the American-based, Nigerian-owned label embarks on a total revamp in music and movie production.

Combining the vocals of Sean Dampte, production of Joey Benks and worldwide recognition from Don Crucifixto, the track is set to be something new that the world has never heard before.

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