Dynamic New Subscription Program KINGZR. Delivers Sneakers to Doorsteps

Subscribers receive new sneakers each month with refund guarantee.

Most Americans purchase a new pair of sneakers each year, and, according to KINGZR., most people are overpaying for their shoes. Now, the company has launched a new solution for the high cost of sneakers while also offering a convenient way to get new and exciting shoes delivered to customers’ doorsteps each and every month.

With the KINGZR. subscription box, customers get access to a monthly delivery of fresh new shoes from leading brands. While these shoes would oftentimes be highly priced in retail stores, KINGZR. offers them at lower than average costs to help consumers get sneakers on a budget. Plus, they can get a brand new pair every month.

“Still buying your sneakers? Why do that when you can subscribe to KINGZR.com and save money?” said a spokesperson for KINGZR.

KINGZR. offers two tiers for their sneaker subscriptions. The first, Cruiser, is $29.99 per month. Customers get a new pair of sneakers every month, and their first pair of sneakers is free. If customers don’t like what they receive, they can opt for a full refund, and this plan is an annual subscription that can be canceled at the end of the year. The second option, Tramper, is $34.95 billed monthly opposed to annually and can be canceled after three months; all other benefits are the same as the Cruiser package.

The team at KINGZR. has worked diligently to ensure that customers receive everything they could want from their sneaker subscription. They have worked to create a highly specialized and professional customer care team that is available around the clock at the convenience of customers. Their care team carefully selects the best sneakers for delivery.

“If it happens that you don’t like your monthly sneakers, that’s no problem at all,” said the team at KINGZR. “Just send the sneakers back to us and we will refund your monthly fee.”

When asked about their low prices, a KINGZR. spokesperson confirmed that they are able to offer competitive prices because they don’t have to pay large sums in advertising, unlike other companies and manufacturers. They simply work to pass along savings to their customers to offer premium quality sneakers at low prices.

With perhaps millions of shoe sales occurring each year, KINGZR. gives consumers a new way to shop for sneakers online. More information can be found at https://www.kingzr.com.


KINGZR. offers a monthly subscription box with premier sneakers delivered to each customer’s doorstep.

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