Woodstone Introduces Hand-crafted, Sustainable Wooden Watches and Accessories

This brand’s stylish yet high-quality wooden watches and accessories are made from natural materials. The company also plants trees to promote product sustainability.

In a time when people are consumed by their smartphones, smartwatches, and social media accounts, keeping in touch with nature to meditate, relax, and recharge seems impossible. People spend a lot of their time online, and this may result in weakened relationships, inability to focus on tasks and mental health issues.

Seeing this scenario, two outdoor and watch enthusiasts aimed to create a product that will remind people to spend their time well and keep in touch with nature to achieve self-mastery. This led to the creation of Woodstone. Woodstone is a brand offering stylish, hand-crafted wooden watches and accessories that are also sustainable.

“We plant a tree for every watch we sell. So far, we planted over 40,000 fruit trees in needy countries that provide sustainable food and income through our tree planting partner,” said a representative at Woodstone.

Woodstone watches and accessories are made with good design. They have clean, minimalist, uncluttered, and eco-friendly looks to show people that good designs can be on point while making a difference in the world. They’re high-quality and affordable too. The company believes that true happiness can only be achieved once people master their time. Thus, they promote mindfulness and self-mastery. Lastly, they use sustainable and renewable materials to have minimum effect on nature.

For more information on Woodstone, visit https://thewoodstone.com.

About Woodstone

Woodstone designs and manufactures high-quality, all-natural wooden watches and accessories. The company adheres to simple and clean designs. Their products are made of the highest-quality material and components available in the market. To preserve the world’s natural resources, the company is planting a tree for every purchase their customers make.

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