Electric Bike and Scooter Store Launches New Store

Electric bike and scooter retailer Epic Cycles has opened the doors to its second Canadian store in Toronto.

Electric bike and scooter retailer Epic Cycles has opened the doors to its second Canadian store in Toronto.

The popular store, which has branches in Vaughan and Toronto, has launched an outlet at 2828 Dundas Street West in the city.

A spokesman for Epic Cycles said: “The demand for electric bikes and scooters is huge and we are delighted to be able to serve the community of Toronto with our new store.

“There are several factors that we believe have led to the growth of ebikes. More and more people are looking for environmentally friendly forms of transport. People are more and more health conscious now and ebikes make cycling so much more accessible, so hills are no longer a barrier. Then there is the COVID-19 pandemic. Electric bikes or electric scooters are great alternatives to public transport or car sharing for people in this day and age of social distancing.

Epic Cycles stocks a range of leisure and performance electric bikes that range in price from $1,999 to $15,499.

“Electric bikes can look after everyone’s different needs. There are models with baskets on the front to allow people to go shopping on their bike. We have low step designs so older people can easily get on the bike. There are versions that are designed in the style of motorbikes and others that are mountain bikes for those wanting to go on tougher terrain.

“It is important that people find the right bike for them, so rather than ordering blind on the internet, our new store allows people to come and test drives different styles and models, learn how the bikes work and decide the best type of ebike or scooter for them. 

“It also means that we are there to help them with any teething problems when they first get started and we can make sure they keep their bikes maintained and running well. If an ebike is serviced regularly, there is no reason why it can’t last a long time. But as there are more technical elements to an electric bike than a normal bike, it is more important than ever that they look after the electrical components and the battery to get the most out of their bike and the longest life out of it.

“But if someone doesn’t want a bike, or perhaps they don’t have space at home or at work to store one, then a scooter could be the perfect option. They still give the electric option, so you can get to places quicker and hassle free, but they can be folded up and stored a lot easier than bikes, and they are cheaper,” he added.

About Epic Cycles

Epic Cycles has stores in Toronto, Vaughan, supplying the local communities with electric bikes and scooters. The company, which also offers accessories and servicing, can provide their service in English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

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