Businesses Offered Experts Advice on Disposable Poly Gloves

A New York gloves supplier is offering businesses a special consult to ensure they are buying the right gloves for their businesses – from disposable poly gloves to medical grade nitrile gloves.  

Experts at BuyGloves said that there are so many gloves on the market and it can be unclear which is the best one for the job, so they want to help businesses choose the right style and quality product for their needs.

A spokesman from BuyGloves said: “While hospitals and clinics will have a preferred quality and grade of glove they wish to use, other businesses have a wider choice and it can sometimes be a bit confusing as the benefits can appear to be so similar. The demand for gloves in wake of the pandemic has skyrocketed, so it is important for us that our newer customers are getting the right gloves for their needs.

“We have clearly listed all of the benefits of all of the gloves we stock on our website, to try to make it as easy as possible for our customers to choose. But we have also decided to offer a special personalized consultancy service for our customers, so they know they are getting the right gloves for their business and at the right price. All they have to do it phone up and one our experts will help them to identify which types of gloves to order,” he added.

Disposable poly gloves are one of the most popular gloves on the market as they are easy to put on, comfortable to wear and they are the cheapest ones to buy. Many companies opt for these as they are breathable, so your hands don’t sweat as much, they don’t contain powder so there is less mess and less chance of irritation on the skin and they are latex free, so less chance of any allergic reactions.

They are usually used in food preparation, cafeterias, restaurants, delis and supermarkets because they are non-leaching, which means they don’t shed chemicals into the food. This type of glove is also good for food preparation as they are very thin, so cooks and chefs are able to carry out delicate preparation work with small items and utensils. They should be used in environments where there is a low risk of contamination.

BuyGloves also offer its customers medical grade nitrile gloves, latex gloves, vinyl gloves and flock lined latex gloves in all sizes and quantities. The company has also created special COVID-19 packages for businesses that need masks and hand sanitizers as well as gloves. They have also created special COVID-19 travel and home kits, which include masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and disinfectant cleaning products.

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BuyGloves is a New York based disposable gloves, masks and hand sanitizer supplier. It offers a range of high quality products to businesses and individuals – including poly, nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves.

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