‘iLevel – Protractor & Level’ Measurement App Introduces A Stunning New Design

‘iLevel – Protractor & Level’ app launches the latest version of its precise measurement tool for iPhone and Android.

Developed by JRSoftWorx, a Berlin-based software company, the ‘iLevel – Protractor & Level’ app is a clinometer, protractor, and spirit level all in one. It offers an ultra-precise, extremely versatile measurement platform with an updated user interface for convenience of use. Its various functions assist users in checking surface levels and measuring angles at the highest degree of accuracy, up to 0.1°. Although the app has been a staple for handheld measurements since 2014, the developers recently reworked the design to improve clarity and overall functionality. 

Key features of ‘iLevel – Protractor & Level’ include Apple Watch support, audio feedback, an automatic transition from the protractor to the surface-level tool, and much more. The app consists of a built-in flashlight function so that users can conduct measurements in dark environments with total ease.

‘iLevel – Protractor & Level’ also includes a camera mode setting, in which users can easily access their current camera view displayed beneath the protractor, affording an unbeatable level of accuracy and providing live measurements in real-time. The surface level and protractor calibration functions are entirely independent of one another, allowing for the highest grade of precision. 

‘iLevel – Protractor & Level’ offers the versatility of multi-functional angle measurement and surface-level tool from the convenience of a mobile app so that users can access various measurement tools at home or on the go. The app also stores unlimited angle values, meaning users can save angles to the app’s memory for easy referencing.

Accommodating various practical functions, ‘iLevel – Protractor & Level’ can be used in personal, professional, or educational settings. It even acts as a ruler, supporting simple measurements from a mobile phone when necessary. ‘iLevel – Protractor & Level’ operates with an intuitive platform and a fresh design so that software navigation will come naturally to users. The developers are continually updating the interface to ensure the app is always user-friendly and meeting modern app configuration standards.

The app is available on both the platforms iOS and Android.

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