Now is the Perfect Time to Renovate Unused Basement Space into a Home Office Affordably

With more and more Canadians now working remotely from home, this is the perfect time to renovate unused space in a basement into an office. Intrusions while working from home are expected but do interfere with the work processes that employers still expect. 

Having your own business also should include a private space where a quiet work environment is established. Basement Now, that serves the GTA, can offer the perfect solution, by renovating the unused basement space into a home office in as little as three weeks in most cases. Serving the GTA for many years now, with all types of basement renovations, basement now is focused on office basement renovations in the current environment.

The need for a separate office space has grown exponentially and will continue to grow.

Even when Covid-19 is defeated, many employers are choosing to keep their employees on remote access work as it is a cost-savings for them overall.  This is not a trend but an actual new reality in remote-access work.  Statistics Canada reports that more employers will be using this option of remote work even post-pandemic as they have discovered that most good employees, especially office and administrative staff, and other clerical type work can be performed just as diligently at home as in the office. 

Canadian homes typically have basements built initially to defeat frost due to the cold weather.

Frost collects under Canadian homes and can push a home up from the earth when frost and cold weather appear. Foundations in Canada are generally dug deeper as a result and a basement is added to avoid the rising of the foundation and up shift of the home itself. Until now, individuals have sought basement renovations to add all types of family rooms, or extra space and other amenities to a residence.  However, with the pandemic the trend is towards adding an office basement, as working from home is more effective and less stressful when there is a separate space in which to do so. 

Remote schooling was also adding to the burden for many Canadians.

Schools were also closed due to Covid-19. Having a remote quiet environment can assist in learning for children who tend to be easily distracted within a normal home environment. The reality is that an office basement renovation can assist the entire family now, providing the atmosphere for both work and school that assists in performance of any duties. Canadian schools have reopened and closed repeatedly since March 2020, and this varies by location due to the spike in the Corona virus. The spikes in the virus are monitored and although children go back to school, they many times end up at home again, with video classes substituting for in-person classroom time.

This of course, has led parents to think ahead now and provide quiet office spaces.

BASEMENTNOW is meeting this challenge nicely by offering affordable office basement renovations.  Their services are much needed in the GTA currently, and even post-pandemic having a great office space will add quality and value to a residence.

About Basement Now

Basement Now has been serving the GTA for years now with all types of quality basement renovations.  Office space renovations of a basement are their focus currently as there is a great need for this now.  The work can be performed in three weeks or less, and their prices are affordable for the quality.  A contact form exists on the website, as well as an FAQ for information.  They offer 3-D modeling, and there is also a phone and email.  Free estimates and financing are also available. 

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