AirMason Is Proud To Offer Employee Handbook Services As The Economy Picks Up

AirMason Is Proud To Offer Employee Handbook Services As The Economy Picks Up

Toronto, ON – The global coronavirus pandemic caused many businesses to shut down and employees got laid off. However, as the economy picks up and the unemployment rate dwindles, many companies are now in need of employee handbooks, a service that AirMason has seamlessly excelled in over the years.

As more people get hired and businesses return to active operation, AirMason is proud to take business owners through a journey of some of the best employee handbook templates in the industry.

Describing the essence of an employee handbook for every employer, Tehsin Bhayani, the AirMason founder said: ”An employee handbook is a great way to help with the onboarding process in your organization. A well-designed and engaging employee handbook is a brilliant touchstone for new hires and existing employees to draw information from at their own pace. Companies, small and large, have invested lots of resources into designing and developing employee handbooks/culture codes. This shows how essential this resource is and that these companies have realized the value of having a well-designed and well-articulated company employee handbook template.”

As a company that aims to push other companies to be at their best, this list of amazing templates compiled by AirMason is a great inspiration for any company looking to create an employee handbook. The AirMason’s list of the best templates for employee handbooks features the Sterling template – built with AirMason. The Sterling employee handbook has a lot of information to get across and for readability chose the option of spreading out the resources while keeping their policy manual nice and colorful. The company chose a website that started with a heartfelt message from the CEO to get the message across.

Also on the list of top employee handbook templates is the Netflix HR handbook which was also built using AirMason. The Netflix HR Handbook was designed to be simple yet effective. Without mincing words, the handbook was designed to educate employees throughout its 129-slideshow pages. Each page has been designed to offer short and simple sentences.

The Hubspot’s part-employee handbook and part-manifesto, built with AirMason, also take a spot on the list. The employee manual from Hubspot managed to address boring subjects in a friendly and entertaining manner. Filled with slides that keep the reader engaged, Hubspot aims to pass value across while keeping it entertaining.

Also on the list of the 10 employee handbooks as compiled by AirMason are ZGM, Zaarly, Zappos, EF Education First, Value, Disqus, and PeopleHR’s masterpieces.

AirMason remains at the forefront of keeping employers and employees on the same page of work culture and rules guiding the work environment. Visit the AirMason website to get started on building the best employee handbook or call (646) 918-8673. AirMason has its office located at 73 Bathurst Street Unit 406, Toronto, Ontario M5V 0A7 CA, and can also be reached via email at

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