Shoreditch Consulting LLC Expands Their Real Estate Development Ventures

Real Estate Development In The South.

Vishnu Chintam and Leonard Dixon the co-founders of Shoreditch Consulting, LLC are making waves across the east coast in the real estate sector both with complimentary backgrounds to run a successful real estate operation. Leonard boasts a background in branding and marketing and Vishnu as a builder for well over a decade starting out in Chicago.

Shoreditch Consulting LLC is currently expanding across the east coast making its biggest strides this quarter even during the midst of a pandemic. With their current successes in rehabbing communities and real estate development projects including but not limited to Ohio, New Jersey, they’ve recently assembled a strong team and have taken Atlanta, Georgia by storm developing multiple projects simultaneously.

During their expansion, their first fix and flip project in Atlanta was so well orchestrated, the property did not even hit the market prior to being sold and gave returns to the company that local investors dream about — but more importantly in addition to being a profitable real estate company, their core values of going above and beyond and creating win win situations for everybody extends beyond the block. As they rebuild transitional neighborhoods in Atlanta, the quality product that they deliver to the market speaks volumes and has created a buzz within the community. Shoreditch’s unique strength is their ability to leverage advanced technology, systems and people as they turn houses into homes one block at a time.

As Shoreditch Consulting LLC continues to grow and expand the way they’ve done, there’s no telling where this company will be within the next year, but most importantly many communities will truly benefit from their sound operation. Their win-win values will in fact continue to do just that — make every member and part of the community, a winner.

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