Innovative Advertisements helps Local Businesses Generate Side Revenue

Innovative Advertisements helps Local Businesses Generate Side Revenue

November 30, 2020 – Today, Innovative Advertisements, a company popular for its AI-driven marketing services is pleased to help local businesses generate extra income through the supply of advertisement TVs. Local businesses like shopping malls, salons, and businesses with physical stores will be supplied with TVs which they will in turn offer to clients who need to advertise their businesses digitally. This will enable said small businesses to generate extra revenue from rental fees. 

The emergence and adoption of digital advertising have not been favorable to small businesses. These new-age methods of advertisement do not give businesses with small budgets a chance to compete. In this regard, the team at Innovative Advertisements has gone on to build a platform that will unite advertisers, content providers, and advertising space providers into one community using its AI-driven platform. Apart from leasing out TVs, Innovative Advertisement offers other services that include advertising, Ad creation, and partnership programs. The company also sets up display screens at churches,  schools, headrests of uber/taxi cars and virtually anywhere the human eye might rest for a few seconds.

TV display ads have been identified by many as an effective way to target local buyers. With Innovative Advertisements pulling the strings, businesses can create catchy creatives that represent their businesses and have them play on a loop at physical stores. Using this method, businesses can attract customers from particular regions without blowing through a large budget.

Innovative Advertisement’s strategy combines AI with digital marketing, location matching, content design and development, strategic advertising, in-depth analysis, interactive advertising, and flexible campaigns to help retail advertisers generate income at a cost-efficient ROI.

Small businesses, like mom and pop stores, now have a chance to increase their revenue with an advertising strategy that is tailored for them. The team at Innovative Advertisements believes that small businesses are crucial to upholding the nation’s economy, and have shown huge commitment to helping them grow with its AI-Driven platform. Businesses that have been affected badly by the dreary COVID-19 have been offered a chance at redemption with Innovative Advertisement’s TVs for rent or TV display ads. 

Innovative Advertisements disclosed that businesses are welcome to partner with their company. Interested businesses will only be required to own or contribute android TVs that will be programmed to display ads. Partner-businesses will not only earn money in return, they will also be eligible to advertise for cheap at other local businesses. Malls, shopping centers and facilities public spaces to spare  are encouraged to partner with Innovative Advertisements and earn substantial side incomes.

Innovative Advertisements was launched to streamline advertising and digital marketing and to unite resources globally onto one platform of interactive marketing driven by AI. The company’s main goal is to provide revenue generation opportunities and display ad campaigns to small businesses. The company’s mission statement reads, “Small businesses are the backbone to our economy. We are here to support small businesses by developing community co-operation and mutual help through our advanced AI algorithms.”

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