NHU won two awards at the Golden Bull Award for Chinese listed companies

On November 19th, centering on the theme of “new pattern, new kinetic energy and new vitality”, the industry elites of about 300 listed companies were gathered. The 2020 High-Quality Development Forum of Listed Companies and was co-sponsored by China Securities Journal and Haikou Municipal People’s Government. The “22nd Listed Company Golden Bull Award” award ceremony was grandly held in Haikou City, Hainan Province.

At the meeting, NHU won the “2019 Social Responsibility Award”, along with well-known listed companies in China such as Hithink Royal Flush, YunnanBaiyao Group, and Midea Group, while NHU’s vice president and secretary of the board Shi Guanqun won the “2019 Golden Bull Secretary of the Board Award”.