How Kai Dumont Is Helping Small Businesses Save Money On Taxes

How Kai Dumont Is Helping Small Businesses Save Money On Taxes
If you don’t use the right tax strategies, your business will be crushed by the taxes you have to pay. Managing a business’s finances is equally as important as personal finances, unfortunately, for many small businesses the resources just aren’t there.

At a time when many small businesses are struggling to stay on top of the day-to-day tasks associated with running a business during a global pandemic, tax professional Kai Dumont (@kaiadumont on Instagram) launches bookkeeping services to help small business owners organize their books and strategically minimize tax liability. The thriving company provides an array of services designed to help business owners organize cash flow, optimize savings, and take control of their tax bill.

Fueled by it’s founder and CEO’s passion and determination to make financial education accessible to business owners and to provide the tools needed to make promising and sustainable business decisions, Top Shelf Financial (formerly Top Shelf Credit) is expected to help business owners successfully navigate their finances to improve their credit scores, grow their business, reduce tax liability, and achieve their personal/professional goals. Its primary mission is to help small businesses manage their cashflow as effectively as a larger company with more disposable resources.

“Money doesn’t come with instructions, that’s where I come in. A majority of the business owners I work with come to me because they need to reduce their tax bill, unfortunately, they don’t know where to start. I help my clients set specific money goals, identify blind spots, focus on their zone of genius, create a work-life balance, and strategically reduce their tax bill,” Dumont reveals.

Teaching people the various aspects of business & personal finance is rooted at the core of Top Shelf Financial. When founded in 2016 Top Shelf Financial (Top Shelf Credit) only offered credit restoration services, but Dumont saw a need in her clients that stretched far beyond credit. “I expanded my services to help my clients file their taxes, and as I started working with more business owners I noticed that many were scrambling during tax time or just avoiding taxes all together. 65% of business owners I talk to say their taxes are too high. My goal is to ease this frustration by teaching my clients that it’s not as daunting when you have a system and a plan in place, a system designed to make money and taxes simple and stress-free,” Dumont adds.

With Kai Dumont working to take Top Shelf Financial to the next level, many small business owners will be empowered to put the right strategies in place to unlock their full business potential.  Dumont is using her skill set to help clients put effective tax planning strategies in place, create cash reserves, keep clean accounting records, and properly address taxes during tax season.

You can find Kai on her website or Instagram to learn more.

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