Difference Between Common Mode Inductance And Differential Mode Inductance

What are the differences between common mode inductance and differential mode inductance? Following is tips of the Chinese inductor manufacturers.

What is common mode inductance?

Common mode inductance, also known as common mode choke coil, is usually used to filter common mode electromagnetic interference signals in computer switching power supply.In circuit board design, common mode inductors are also used as EMI filters to suppress electromagnetic radiation generated by outgoing high-speed signals.

Common-mode inductor is a core of ferrite common-mode interference we can inhibit China electronics, mainly from two aspects of different size of data analysis, the same number of turns of the same coil structure symmetrically on the same ferrite ring core, forming a four terminal device, to the common mode signal between development presents the large inductance model study has some can inhibit social influence factors, and for the differential mode signal information system presents some small leakage inductance almost had no effect.

When the principle is that common-mode current flows in a magnetic flux superimposed on each other in order to have a fairly large inductance, the inhibition plays to common-mode current, and when the two differential mode currents flowing through the coil cancel each other through the magnetic ring, with almost no inductance, the differential mode current can pass through without attenuation.

Common mode inductance can effectively suppress the balanced development of common mode interference signal on the circuit, but it may not affect the differential data transmission mode signal on the normal driving route.

What is differential inductance?

Differential inductance is a property of the closed loop, that is, the electromotive force will resist the change of current when the current changes through the closed loop.This is called self-perception (self-perception), and it is their own closed-loop property.Let’s say a student’s current through the closed inductance is changed. The inductance, known as mutual inductance, is inductance in a country where there are no closed inductances, because the inductance in this country is now controlled by inductance.

The inductor circuit element and the inductor circuit are realized.A solenoid is a simple inductor that refers to a repeatedly wound wire (called a “coil”) that can be hollow inside or have a Chinese metal core.Electromagnetic inductance self-induction.A transformer is an inductor formed between two systems coupled coils.Because of its mutual inductance, transformer is a kind of basic magnetic circuit element.

Difference between common mode inductance and differential mode inductance

1. The winding wires of common-mode inductors are typically bidirectional;Unidirectional differential inductance is wound.
2. The common mode interference rejection filter can be passed through the inductor. The common mode in the inductor is called;Differential mode interference suppression filters and inductors called differential mode inductors.
3, is equal to the same number of turns around the core, is equal to the diameter of the wire, winding two opposite coils is common mode inductance;The differential inductance is wound around the core of the coil.
4. Common mode signal: the two different factors that have important influence on the learning process on the zero line and the fire line can pass through the same new signal;Differential mode signal: Suitable for use in signal system on the same circuit.

Characteristics of common mode inductance: the core is not afraid of saturation because the two sets of coils on the same core are wound in opposite directions… High conductivity ferrite core material is the most advanced material on the market.

Differential inductance characteristics: In the case of large current applications, because it is not in the coil winding as the supplier core, the core material is the most core structural material in the iron market because the market price is very cheap when the current flowing through the coil is increased to the point where the coil core is saturated.

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