EquiFund Mortgage Launches A Mortgage Comparison Bot On Their User-friendly Platform

EquiFund Mortgage has announced the upcoming launch of their Mortgage Comparison feature which is a web-based function designed to empower lenders’ to understand the market, compare mortgage plans, and improve performance relative to their peers.

Creative mortgage solutions provider, EquiFund Mortgage, provides to its consumers an abundance of mortgage lenders to help simplify the process of recognizing the most inexpensive funding for the client.

Reports suggest that the Coronavirus Pandemic has hit most economies around the world very harshly. With production and aggregate demand in most industries coming to a standstill, one industry that has reportedly survived the crisis and is thriving is the housing and real estate industry.

With experts predicting that this is the best time to look and invest in real estate, EquiFund Mortgage’s lucrative Mortgage Comparison feature is what may assist people in finding funding and purchasing their dream homes, to start over in these times of stillness.

EquiFund Mortgage & Mortgage Comparison Feature:

EquiFund Mortgage is a division of Consumer Credit Services, LLC that has found ways to move forward in parallel to its objective of helping buyers across the United States to avail the most suitable mortgage plans for them. 

Similarly, the company works to provide consumers with amazing mortgage products by giving them a platform that permits easy and quick comparison of several lenders by their signature leveraging technology.

“Leveraging Automation and Intelligence to strengthen the consumer’s proficiency to identify the lowest interest rate & no closing cost mortgage home loan while only having to work with one company from start to finish puts consumers in the best wealth savings position,” claimed James J Hammond, the Chief Technical Officer of EquiFund Mortgage.

The US mortgage industry is an important financial sector that contributes over $21 trillion to the GDP of the country. According to a report published on Statista in June 2019, the total value of mortgage outstanding debt in the country was estimated to be $15.4 trillion in 2018, with the figures projected to rise in the future. 

One of the major crises faced by borrowers in the US is accessibility to suitable loan programs. James J Hammond and his team at EquiFund Mortgage hope to target this exact sphere of difficulty in the mortgage industry, and that is the reason behind the launch of the Mortgage Comparison on their easy-to-use website.  EquiFund under the expert guidance of Hammond is roaring on full steam ahead to support as many people as possible to live the American dream starting from owning a home.

EquiFundMortgage.com’s goal is to facilitate the consumer’s capacity to distinguish and choose the best man for them from multiple lenders through real-time, instant loan approval, and quoting engine. The solution is especially unique as consumers only have to work with one company from start to finish. 

As a difference from other automated lenders, EquiFund Mortgage embodies most of the lowest rate national lenders, allowing homebuyers and owners to rejoice in remarkably low rates, closing cost, or even zero closing cost. EquiFundMortgage.com also saves borrowers the anxiety of receiving multiple calls from various companies or having their credit score pulled by multiple lenders.

More About EquiFund Mortgage:

EquiFund Mortgage as a Mortgage Loan Origination Company provides services from the beginning to end mortgage origination, closing, and funding that represent several national mortgage lenders. Led by James J. Hammond, the Chief Technical Officer, who is an Alumni of the University of Central Florida, the business has processed more than 70,000 mortgage application requests and is currently based in 3390 Kori Road, Suite 6 Jacksonville, FL 32257.

To find out more about EquiFund Mortgage, visit their website.

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