Royal Marketing Firm Offers Indie Music Artists More Rights and a Faster Route to Profits

Royal Marketing Firm Offers Indie Music Artists More Rights and a Faster Route to Profits

1st December, 2020 Royal Marketing Firm, an independent music label, reaches out to Indie music artists struggling for more exposure and faster profits without having to part with a sizeable chunk of their royalties. With the RMF network, Indie artists are encouraged to build, grow, nurture, and monetize their fan list using all of the powerful marketing tools and platforms at their disposal. The aim is to help music artists build up a huge fanbase, which is key to longevity in the music industry.

The music industry is a brutally competitive one, with independent music artists a prime target for music labels to eat away into their profits. But without representation and marketing, there is no traffic, exposure, or fans resulting in no earnings. Royal Marketing Firm is an independent music label dedicated to the artist’s welfare by helping them increase exposure and regain monetary power over their music. By signing on to the RMF music label, artists gain the opportunity to succeed faster by leveraging the company’s powerful digital and social media marketing strategies streamlined for the music industry.

Royal Marketing Firm’s marketing strategies are goal-oriented and customized to work with any artist. Based on a direct to consumer method, the company relies on a three-pronged system of increasing traffic, initiating user engagement, and converting followers into fans resulting in faster monetary conversion. The company leverages digital and social media’s power to drive traffic to an artist using Ad campaigns, email marketing, text marketing, social media influencers, music blogs, playlists, and more! RMF services include music marketing and releases across all platforms, music management, and media design.

RMF’s successful music marketing system has been proven to work with all artists, a prime example of which is the company’s most notable artists ARRestless who made $5,500 from 50 super fans equivalent to 1.3 Million streams.

Royal marketing Firm was established as an independent music label with a mission to empower young Indie artists to gain more control over their music rights, offering them a faster route of earning their first $1000 primarily through the album and single bundles. The company takes no percentage out of their royalties and teaches artists how to run a profitable music business.

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