Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute Celebrates two Decades of Impacting Lives

Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute Celebrates two Decades of Impacting Lives

Leaders’ multidimensional role in the shifting economic and social landscape requires them to impact others positively, exceeding client and organizational expectations. To be effective in their assigned role, leaders need to be adept at efficient and strategic coaching.

For two decades, the Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute is well known as a global powerhouse with the sole purpose of equipping leaders, organizations, business owners, and entrepreneurs with adequate coaching skills for delivering positive impact, sustainability, and results. The Coaching Institute is influenced and led by world-class professional coaches, consultants, trainers, and NLP master practitioners to help build champions in a volatile, complex, uncertain, and ambiguous world!

The Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute was conceived twenty years ago by Dr. Mario Garcia, Jr., a Master Certified Coach (ICF), Certified Master Trainer (ATD), and International Speaker. Dr. Mario leveraged his over 30 years of experience in the personal and leadership development industry to create a legacy of collaborative innovation, providing mentorship and inspiration to CEOs, C-suite, business owners, entrepreneurs, profit and non-profit organizations worldwide. He was joined five years ago by his son, Mario A. Garcia, as the Director of Training and Operations. 

The Institute is on a mission to encourage a transformative process by providing structurally designed life-changing programs focused on teaching core skills, improving clients’ critical thinking skills, deepening the personal foundation, and setting tangible objectives.

This father and son team, that results from coaching, training, and speaking in 57 countries, is celebrating 20 years of modeling excellence and providing leaders with a personal self-discovery process — a fundamental element of personal mastery, emotional intelligence, and coaching presence.  

The Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute is set ahead of the competition by its wide range of offers and the futuristic evidence-based signature programs founded upon neuroscience principles, neuro-linguistic programming, positive psychology, and accelerated learning. 

Dr. Mario, Coach Mario A., and the team of professional coaches and trainers use creative and realization techniques to help clients adhere to the four foundational principles of the Institute, known as the pillars of the Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute: Vision | Alignment | Impact | Legacy. The principle guides clients to visualize an outcome as if it has already been achieved by deciding to commit, act, and take full responsibility and accountability for their decision.

The Marios are setting a family legacy as a custodian of vision and value, influencing responsibility, accountability, and leadership values while also advocating for integrating community and recognizing individual differences, the 5 Best Practices™ of Legacy Leadership®.

The Institute’s five-year goal is to enrich its heritage and commitment to excellence as the organization transcends more to a globally acclaimed coaching organization with coaches and trainers throughout the United States and several countries worldwide.  The Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute hopes for every international branch of the organization to have at least one Legacy Leader™ focused on helping individuals take the necessary step into visualizing and achieving their dreams.

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