Nathan Danner on His Journey to Becoming A Six-Figure Real Estate Success

Nathan Danner on His Journey to Becoming A Six-Figure Real Estate Success

As the second youngest of nine siblings, Nathan Danner’s passion for entrepreneurship began at an early age. “My mom had four and my dad had three when they met. They got married and had me and my younger brother,” Nathan explains. “When I was young, I would think of different ways I could make a few extra dollars, mostly so I could go to football camp and to summer camp with the boys from church. It seems like I’ve done it all: painted houses, sold lemonade, even shoveling horse manure.”

Despite this natural entrepreneurial spirit, Nathan was unsure of exactly which career path to take. In high school, he started a lawn care company with his younger brother, Dillon, which proved to be a massive success, bringing in a profit of tens of thousands of dollars in only a few years. However, when it came time for Nathan to head off to college, the pair split ways, bringing him back to square one. He notes, “Seeing the success my parents had in real estate piqued my interest, but we went through some hard times during the real estate crash of 2008, so I was unsure if real estate was something I wanted to commit to or if I should commit to something more stable.”

In Nathan’s second year of college, the decision became clear. He realized that he had gotten a better education by running a business of his own than by sitting in a classroom. He continues, “What pushed me into action was reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki while in college. From there, I dropped out and attended several sales and real estate seminars where I learned that I was in control of my success, not the market. I then decided to get my real estate license to help with the acquisition and selling of our projects.”

Today, Nathan describes himself as the one-stop shop for everything real estate. As an agent, investor, and consultant, he helps others sell, buy, and invest in properties. Nathan also takes his excellence in business a step further by providing his clients with resources to help them improve their real estate, such as plumbers and painters. With over eight million dollars in sales thus far in 2020, Nathan has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, he hopes to create more resources to help others access the power of building wealth in real estate.

As a husband and father of identical twin girls, Nathan certainly stays busy. Nevertheless, he hopes to provide business and real estate coaching and mentoring in the future. Having seen the value of such an investment in his own life, Nathan wants to return the favor, passing down the lessons he’s learned throughout his career. “I love helping and serving others,” he says. “I also want to write a book, it would be like an autobiography, but geared towards business and real estate.”

Nathan’s greatest piece of advice? “Be careful who you listen to. There will be a lot of naysayers. Use them as motivation to do better. I would also say to get a great mentor or teacher who has done what you are doing or what you want to do. A good mentor or teacher will help you avoid costly mistakes and put you years ahead of where you would be without them.”

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