Growth Marketing & Automation Expert, Got Legs Digital Delivers Ethical Solutions For Small Businesses

Growth Marketing & Automation Expert, Got Legs Digital Delivers Ethical Solutions For Small Businesses
Got Legs Digital helps small businesses to “Get Legs” and grow their business by automating the process of driving customers and quickly learning what delivers results and an excellent return on investment. The company has grown by persisting with the values of integrity and professionalism.

According to announcements released by Got Legs Digital, its focus on ethical growth marketing through marketing automation and other strategies help clients in property, fintech, and startups scale their business. With the slogan “Innovate, Automate & Grow”, it enables businesses to succeed and build on that success by utilizing multiple growth channels and not just focusing on leads or traffic.

The company offers three packages designed to cater to businesses’ needs at different stages of growth, different budgets, and capacity. Solopreneurs can learn about the digital marketing’s ins and outs and strike out independently; businesses with a young team may need guidance and can choose the appropriate package customized to their needs. Clients with more work than what their marketing team can handle can benefit immensely from the professional experience of Got Legs Digital.

Got Legs Digital takes pride in being an ethical marketing agency. It does what it can to be true to its name through its dealings and being a responsible member of the global community. Its comprehensive growth marketing services enable businesses to ‘Get Legs’, i.e., targeted traffic, which helps fulfill the client’s objectives.  For every client that they work, a percentage of profits is used to acquire prosthetic legs which are donated to amputee survivors in Africa. 

Through its work, this digital marketing agency endeavors to influence lives and businesses positively, one step at a time. It combines an innovative, out-of-the-box growth marketing strategy customized for a client’s needs with efforts to automate growth so that businesses can benefit from a high ROI on their digital marketing spend. Its digital marketing campaigns allow businesses to save time and earn greater profits. 

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Got Legs Digital said, “You don’t need a digital marketing agency, you need a growth marketing agency. We don’t focus on likes, clicks, traffic, and shares, we focus on delivering results. The agency’s founder, Gareth Bain, set up the company because he wanted to help businesses as well as give back to communities.

“Digital marketing agencies that specialized would recommend their area of expertise, not because it was right for the business but because it was suitable for their pocket. Digital marketing agencies were never able to take a holistic view of the problem and offer a comprehensive solution.

“We are a holistic full-service ethical agency and we can find the best and most profitable customers for your business. Whatever the challenge you are currently facing, we can help you find the most suitable solution. We have three solutions to your challenges. The “done by you”, “done with you” and the “done for you options”. 

On what makes it different, Got Legs Digital said, “We are a socially responsible agency that operates in a way that benefits society at large. We are less about leads and more about our customers. We are obsessed with performance, and we analyze everything we do so that we can improve next time.

“We want to be the only point of contact you will ever need for your business to grow. By working with us, you are directly making a difference in the lives of others. If we don’t live up to the high standards that we set for ourselves, we are not only letting customers down but also our friends in Africa.”

About the Company:

Got Legs Digital is an ethical growth marketing company that helps fintech, property, and startups grow their business. It adopts a holistic approach to growth that focuses on more than just leads and traffic, so those ambitious businesses can quickly establish a presence in their respective niches.

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