Belgium Airports adopted their own ways to control COVID-19

Belgium Airports adopted their own ways to control COVID-19

“Belgium Airports adopted their own ways to control COVID-19”

Airports are coming up with ways of reducing the COVID-19 spread and safe traveling

In the wave of COVID-19, other than businesses the vocational activist of families and individuals came to a halt. The international borders and airlines closed their operations for any kind of traveling. Right now, safe and controlled traveling is much more important for every country. Following the international guidelines, the Belgium airports are coming up with their strategies to control the situation. They are allowing individuals to have traveling access but with some specific restrictions. A-Taxi is explaining these guidelines and facilities in detail.

Testing facility

The airport is providing a testing facility to all passengers coming from abroad or leaving the country. The passengers require testing themselves for COVID-19 before departing from the country in order to ensure they are not carrying the virus with them. On the parallel, the passengers coming from abroad need to have the test after 7 days of arrival if they are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19. The testing facility is available at the airport for the convenience of passengers every time.

Travel guidelines

The airport authorities are issuing specific travel guidelines to all passengers whether national or international. They are following the precautionary measure in domestic and international flights as well. Moreover, issuing specific guidance for the people planning for their vacation or holidays broad. These guidelines contain specific instructions on selecting the destination, preparing for a trip, sanitizing their luggage, and much more.

Luggage Screenings

At airports, one of the major concerns is luggage checking. In Belgium, airports have specialized luggage-screening systems. They are not only focusing on the legal and illegal products but considering the virus or any other germs in these luggage bags as well. According to instructions, the working staff with luggage needs to be in proper protective gear and look after the luggage and its sanitization to the core. In case of necessity, the authorities take testing samples from the luggage bags as well.

Answering the questions

The airports have an uninterrupted awareness system for the passengers coming from and to international borders. In order to ensure safety and control traveling, they are assisting every passenger with his or her questions or concerns. The airport authorities are not only the one who is concerned about the spread control but passenger themselves. The authorities are coming forward with the best practices for making traveling safer for families.

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