Contract Hound Offers Simple and Efficient Contract Management for Small Businesses

Keep track of all contracts and stay on top of expiring ones with a system that is easy to set up and use.

Running a business has many challenges. Amid overseeing operations, managing departments and employees, some aspects are bound to take a backseat – but could put the entire business at risk if mismanaged.

Contracts are vital to any business. Whether contracts with suppliers, agreements with clients or employee contracts, staying on top of legal paperwork allows the business to run smoothly and avoid unnecessary risks. Contract Hound offers to help businesses manage their contracts though a simple and easy to use system.

Contract Hound is designed for small businesses who want to replace risky spreadsheet-based workflows with a more efficient system. The cloud-based app allows businesses to find contracts quickly, view contract details at a glance, know who has access, and never miss a renewal date. Contract Hound’s contract management software securely stores and organizes contracts. Reminders can be set up for key milestones, such as renewal dates.

Approval workflows can be easily set up with this system. Simply drag and drop the names of the signatories to set up notifications for them when it is their turn to review the contact. The system also indicates exactly who has access to each and every document.

Contracts can also be grouped according to department, vendor, type, customer, or any way that is preferred by the business. This gives the team the flexibility to organize contracts, so they can be found quickly.

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Contract Hound’s contract management software securely stores and organizes small business contracts. The company was founded in North Carolina in 2016. Find out more at or call +1 (800) 478-7215.

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