Discusses Ways to Make the Process of Moving in Together More Enjoyable Discusses Ways to Make the Process of Moving in Together More Enjoyable

At some point in life, many people find that special someone and are together long enough that major life decisions come into play. When a couple begins moving in together, not everything each individual owns can fit into the new residence. This is where an offsite storage service can come in very handy. The act of packing up and hauling items off to storage can be a cumbersome experience, but if the right company performs this process, the couple will barely need to lift a finger. 

The Old Way is Also the Most Difficult

Traditional storage methods involve boxing up and hauling everything to an unmanned outdoor rental unit that may or may not have decent security before packing everything inside and hoping to remember the location of specific items. There is a lot of physical labor involved, and several trips may occur if the individual does not have access to a large vehicle. On top of all of this, bad weather can make the whole process rather unpleasant and frustrating.

Understanding What is Necessary Before the Move

Before a couple moves in together, they need to thoroughly discuss what items will stay versus what gets put into storage. Online articles like 6 Tips for Moving In With Your Partner To Where They Live help guide people on this path and can simplify the moving and storage process. These discussions can also lead to expanding one’s options when considering what type of outside moving help needs to be involved. 

No More Up Front Guessing Games

To make the storage process much less stressful, some storage companies have simplified everything so that the most difficult aspects are no longer on the customer’s shoulders. Couples who look into companies like Boombox Storage will find that the storage unit size is determined by how many boxes fit into a provided hauling van. This helps customers avoid renting a unit that is too large while also allowing them the opportunity to expand if they need to.

Eliminating the Aches and Pains of Moving

Customers who hire one of these vans also receive complimentary hauling, which means they don’t have to move a single box themselves. The driver of the van will load everything, transport it to the storage facility, and place it in a designated area in an organized fashion. Some facilities even offer a return drop-off service if the customer realizes they need something from storage. Everything is handled with care, and the company accepts responsibility for any damages during transportation.

Knowing Where Everything is at All Times

Another benefit of these full-service storage facilities involves an inventory of every item to help track what is inside each box. Couples should consider this feature since it’s easy to lose track of belongings when using a self-storage facility, especially if items from two residences are being packed together. This inventory feature allows the storage company to quickly locate desired items so the customer doesn’t have to rip open box after box looking for something in particular.

Less Hassle and Cost Involved

Although storage facilities that offer these services may sound pricey, they are often much more affordable than one thinks. Traditional facilities also tend to sell a customer’s belongings if they miss a payment, but fortunately, more streamlined businesses work through an automated payment system. To better understand how the billing and payment canceling processes work, click here to read.

Taking the Affordable, Easy Route

Moving in together can be a fun and enjoyable experience as long as a little planning is put in ahead of time. Using a storage company that does the heavy lifting can drastically cut down on wasted time and the amount of stress involved in the process, according to With all of the affordable full-service storage options available, why would anyone choose to do all the work themselves? 

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