Trichter and LeGrand Shares Advice For Pilots Facing DWI Charges

Esteemed Texas law firm, Trichter, and LeGrand deals with pilots arrested for DWI and helps them navigate the legal process

Trichter and LeGrand, a DWI and criminal defense law firm based in Texas, shares insight into precisely what pilots who have been arrested for DWI need to know. This information also applies to pilots faced with a driver’s license suspension choice.

Trichter and LeGrand recommend first to never operate a vehicle while intoxicated, and second, always getting a knowledgeable and experienced DWI/license suspension/Expunction lawyer involved as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the FAA unfairly presumes the pilot guilty rather than innocent when arrested for DWI and will often go as far as to assume the pilot has an alcohol abuse issue before even considering the evidence. There are multiple circumstances in which a medical examiner (AME) must defer medical certificate issuance, which Trichter and LeGrand highlight on their website.

According to Trichter and LeGrand, to legally avoid reporting deferral criteria, a pilot will require timely Expunction under Texas Law under the 60-day rule or on a medical application. An expunction is a method to eliminate all arrest and court records, and under the protection of law to never admit the event’s occurrence.

With an expunction, a pilot can effectively return to the state of his life and career before the legal incident. Since this is a time sensitive process, with the medical certificate clock always ticking, Trichter and LeGrand recommend onboarding an adequate lawyer as soon as possible. 

Expunctions can take three to six months, but in the case where the expunction does not go through, and a deferral occurs, the FAA requires pilots to provide a statement, various records, and get an evaluation from an addiction psychologist/psychiatrist or addictionologist familiar with aviation standards. The FAA generally requires a two-year proven sobriety period before a pilot can return to the cockpit. This is another process in which a seasoned lawyer’s help is required.

Of course, Trichter and LeGrand stand firm that the best advice to any pilot is never to drink and drive. Their law office is highly experienced, so anyone finding themselves in trouble with a DWI should read their advice on their website or contact Gary at (713) 524-0110 for a 24/7 free consultation.

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