NeuroFit™ Debuts New ONLINE NeuroFitness System Focused on Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World.

NeuroFit™ offers a video-based curation of sound frequency embedded guided visualizations and online personal mastery coaching expertly engineered to rewire the brain for NeuroFitness in 10 easy steps.
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DECEMBER 10, 2020 – NeuroFit™ is the online initiative of Bob Berman, founder of Soul 7, a top Health and Wellness Clinic in Toronto, Canada, specializing in sound, light, and electro-magnetic Frequency Technologies and Therapies. Bob has announced that he will also be offering Soul7’s frequency embedded Guided Visualizations online. He will be leveraging his clinical knowledge and expertise in Frequency Technologies and Therapies to deliver a world-class online System that teaches and guides individuals to the balanced mind and body that optimal health and happiness needs. Hosted by Bob’s friend and Neuroscientist, Dr. Clifford Saunders, Ph.D., Cybernetics, NeuroFit’s Unique Guided Visualizations designed and narrated by Dr. Saunders, re-wire the Brain for optimal performance and happiness.

Since losing his wife to cancer 8 years ago, Berman left his legal career and has devoted his life to helping people optimize their innate ability to self-heal, Mind, Body, and Soul. In collaboration with leading scientists, he has established Soul 7, a clinic specializing in European sound, light, and electro-magnetic Frequency Technologies and Therapies.

Through NeuroFit™, Berman will offer the BalanceSystem, a video-based curation of the 3 Pillars of NeuroFit™, Sound, Guided Visualization, and Personal Mastery Coaching that combine to neuroscientifically rewire the Brain for the Nervous System Balance necessary to become the best version of ourselves. The BalanceSystem features 10 Steps to Balance, personally guided by Dr. Saunders and coached by Jenifer Merifield, Soul 7’s resident Personal Mastery Coach. Each Step is designed to re-wire the Brain and overcome the 10 main obstacles to Balance, including Fear. The BalanceSystem and its complementary product, the BalanceRituals, are sound frequency NeuroFitness tools rooted in Berman’s clinical experience at Soul 7 and are designed to Balance in an Unbalanced World.

Berman’s Clinical experience shows that the balancing power of Sound, Guided Visualizations and Personal Mastery Coaching is undeniable. Scientists agree that Guided Visualization is one of the best ways to re-wire the Brain for sustained Mind/Body Balance and its benefits including significant decreases in depression, fatigue, and total mood disturbance.

NeuroFit™ expertly curates the 3 Pillars of Sound, Guided Visualization, and Personal Mastery Coaching into a System that leverages the Science of Neuroplasticity to re-wire the Brain for peak performance and happiness.

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About Bob Berman

Bob is a former trial lawyer and the Founder of Soul 7, a Clinic located in Toronto, Canada specializing in Sound, Light and Electro-Magnetic FrequencyTechnologies designed to balance the nervous system and boost the body’s immune response for optimal mind/body balance and health.

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