Franco Mobile Homes Is on a Mission to Help Families Own Their Dream Abode

Franco Mobile Homes Is on a Mission to Help Families Own Their Dream Abode

Housing affordability remains to be a prevalent problem. A significant number of individuals and families have to contend with the lack of low-income housing programs, the rising cost of living, and more. With housing affordability serving as one of the driving forces behind the issue of homelessness in the country, it is an area where passion-driven visionaries like Franco Perez, the founder of Franco Mobile Homes, can make a difference in. 

Franco Perez is intimately aware of the impact of bad housing. In high school, his family lost their home, and when his dad left them due to financial issues, he had to assume the responsibility of supporting his family. This first-hand experience became the seed of what would grow into a passion for providing affordable housing.

Today, he takes pride in the product of his vision and dedication — Franco Mobile Homes. It is a company that focuses on providing housing solutions, increasing affordability by building high-quality mobile homes in mobile home parks. Highly motivated to help families take the next step toward financial freedom, Franco Mobile Homes take the worry about losing one’s home due to exorbitant rent costs off their backs. 

Translating the dream of launching Franco Mobile Homes into a reality was anything but easy. After learning that Silicon Valley has an underutilized land area, Franco Perez poured time and effort into conceptualizing an approach toward building new housing that would maximize the land’s potential. He and his team then had to face numerous trials before they finally established a venture intended to change thousands of lives. 

Since its introduction to the industry, Franco Mobile Homes have allowed numerous individuals and families to start their dream homes. “It’s now amazing to know that our builds are increasing living space, improving fire safety and that we are creating affordable housing for low-income families and giving them a stepping stone to use to get into homeownership in Silicon Valley,” Franco Perez shares. 

The competent team behind Franco Mobile Homes has consistently delivered on its promise of enhancing housing affordability in the Bay Area because its members genuinely care about creating more options by transforming old-fashion trailers into beautiful and safe modern mobile homes. Along with maximizing the location and available space, Franco Perez and his colleagues build luxurious abodes for way less than a traditional new home would cost. 

Additionally, this purpose-driven company caters to those who wish to sell their mobile homes, providing them with the best advice on how to get the max value. For individuals with mobile home upgrades in mind, Franco Mobile Homes goes the extra mile in designing their residences to fit all of their needs. 

In the coming years, as Franco Perez leads his company to the forefront of the industry, he vows to remain committed to enabling low-income families to own their first home.

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