Passionate Pilot Creates Ecommerce History By Achieving Unprecedented Success Using An Innovative Marketing Approach

Passionate Pilot Creates Ecommerce History By Achieving Unprecedented Success Using An Innovative Marketing Approach

Adrian Navia – @pilotnavia

Ramon Adrian Navia Rosales, a pilot by profession, has stunned ecommerce businesses by hitting record sales in a short time.

Ramon Adrian Navia Rosales, a passionate pilot who has given up flying for pursuing his ecommerce interests, is attracting the attention of the industry for his unique marketing approach. Ramon is leading the Dinavi Team to one success after another along with his business partner Domenico Di Campo and has achieved remarkable success in a short period.  

“My business partners have a vital role to play in the tremendous success that our organization is enjoying today,” says Ramon. “We spent many months researching the market and finding ways of selling online in large numbers in 2019. We have managed to invoice more than 4.5 million dollars in sales to date and with profit margins of around 35- 40 percent, which is very difficult to achieve in an ecommerce business.”

Ramon attributes the stunning success of his ecommerce business largely to their strategy of scaling advertising on Facebook. It has helped them improve their reach tremendously. They have achieved record sales of $113K in a single day of Facebook advertising with their Shopify store. They also registered an impressive profit of 33 percent that day.

The Dinavi Team runs a well-optimized sales and marketing system where almost every task is automated. The sales of $4.5 million was achieved by running only three stores and by a small team of six persons, including Ramon and Domenico Di Campo and others operating from Ecuador and Miami. The team has an enviable and unique record of achieving sales of $5.5 million in one year and four months with just three stores.

The Dinavi team has come a long way from their first sale of a camping and outdoor product. They had little knowledge of the ecommerce business then, but still managed to sell 1.2 million units of the product in four months. Going ahead, Ramon and his team aim to maintain the sales momentum and want a brand that can achieve a stable turnover of $3 million every month.

Another interesting initiative started by Ramon is the creation of Club Commerce. It is a flex warehouse with 7.5 square offices where people wanting to know about ecommerce business and want to be a part of their face-to-face program are trained for success. People can register, learn, and sell almost at par with the company’s products and with an effectiveness of 90 percent. The club also has a fulfillment center to help the Doral community with employment.

Ramon Adrian Navia Rosales and his team help their first conference, the Miami mastermind on November 8, where they managed to reach out to more than 200 people interested in the ecommerce business.

Based on the feedback from the conference, they have launched a zoom course for people who look forward to the company’s mentoring but cannot attend the course in person. At present, 16 people are participating in the course and they are all showing substantial progress.  

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