Spiritual Healer Jasmine Whitfield Now Offers Accurate Spiritual Readings for Upliftment and Inner Healing

People looking for emotional upliftment and inner healing can now try Spiritual Readings from The Heart, a wellness company dedicated to empowering people to lead better lives through spiritual readings conducted by spiritual healer and psychic Jasmine Whitfield.

At a time when the world is full of uncertainty, people need more emotional sustenance than ever before. Spiritual reading and inner healing help people get through personal upheaval, trauma, physical pain, relationship problems for mental upliftment, and wellbeing. Spiritual Readings from The Heart offers its services such as, detailed readings, video readings, emergency readings, contacting a passed loved one, house blessing and spiritual classes. Readings are conducted by Psychic Jasmine Whitfield through video calls, personal readings or on Facebook Live and other platforms of social media.

Jasmine Whitfield 27, and a mother of two beautiful daughters has been gifted with psychic powers of spirituality that she uses with great success to conduct spiritual readings and help others with inner healing. Her abilities have gradually progressed out of her own life experience that included a struggle to survive alone right from the age of thirteen. Jasmine Whitfield was raised in Oklahoma City; Oklahoma and has endured immense hardship and suffering. From being sold as a teenager to becoming a young single mother who lost three of her first children, life has been nothing but tears, and pain, taking a huge toll of her physical, mental and emotional health. Facing a life-threatening illness that gave her 30 days to live, Jasmine Whitfield was determined to move on. Her resilience helped her survive even while taking care of her two baby girls often sleeping in unknown places fearing for their safety.

However, Jasmine Whitfield says her spiritual gifts from the age of 13 helped her overcome her obstacles without taking to addiction to ease the pain. Her experiences have made her grow stronger simultaneously developing her gifts that she found could be used to help others overcome similar problems. To that effect, she set up Spiritual Readings from the Heart, reaching out to people in need of spiritual or inner healing. 

Spiritual Readings from The Heart also offers a range of wellness products like sage, house blessing kits, love soaps, blessed candles, and spiritual necklaces to name a few.  The wellness company abides by its core values of confidentiality, integrity, privacy, accuracy and results and is on a mission to:

Empower lives to be better to help and heal physically, emotionally and spiritually by finding light in every situation.

For more information: https://www.spirtualreadingsfromtheheart.org/#/

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