TOLLAA – Become a part of the disruptive Farm-to-Table movement

At Tollaa, the founding principle is to encourage home growing that empowers people to be in control of their food security.

Calling the attention of all growers, farmers, and retailers. Welcome to Tollaa!

Tollaa is an organization that provides all the gardening tools, equipment, and resources (including technical information) needed to help individual and commercial brands get started with embracing green thumb and growing food independently.

Whether a rookie or an expert, Tollaa is an incredibly useful platform for the entire spectrum.

Understanding the Tollaa philosophy

At Tollaa, there’s a profound belief that growing ones own fruits and vegetables instead of relying on the market supply is good for both human kind and the environment. It helps enjoy garden-to-table produce that is fresh and delicious. Meanwhile, it puts less pressure on agricultural systems to meet the growing demand for food. Tollaa strives to be the go-to company for all home growing needs of their customers.

Empowering people to be in control of their food security

After steadily declining for an entire decade, world hunger is on the rise again. It currently affects more than 8.9% of the world population. At Tollaa there is a strong belief that gardening and growing food is a key skill that everyone on this planet should master. Why? Because much like the current coronavirus pandemic, the future is packed with uncertainty and surprise events that might ambush the world population to challenge its livelihood. The team at Tollaa wants the entire community to be prepared to deal with such unforeseeable future events!

Green technology is the future of agriculture

Tollaa offers advanced green technology solutions such as nutrient additives, seed cloning equipment, and items needed to build a hydroponic system. Tollaa’s use of the latest and most innovative technology in the agrarian and horticulture sector has allowed them to make it easier to grow food.

Why self growing? Check out the following benefits:

Fresh and top-grade crops. Gain access to the freshest supply of fruits and vegetables.

Organically-grown food. Get to decide what kind of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals come in contact with one’s food.

Budget-friendly. Get to save money because the cost of getting started is an investment that pays off in the long run. Plus, there is no middleman involved!

Healthier lifestyle. When food transports over land, it picks up pathogens and harmful microorganisms. By growing at home, no one has to worry about diseases!

Ecofriendly. Consuming food that has been mass-produced requires reliance on transportation systems that burn fossil fuels. Growing crops by independently is eco-friendly.

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Services & Products

Those that are professional gardeners with years of experience growing plants, will know exactly what to find when getting on the Tollaa website.

However, for those new to gardening, getting started can be slightly overwhelming.

Tollaa currently offers Hydroponics equipment, Climate control, Lighting, Nutrients & additives, Growing soil, Seed starting & cloning.

Excited to get started? Head over to the home page and browse the amazing selection of products!

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