Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. Offers Dry Fogging Mold Removal To The Washington D.C. Metro Area

Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. Offers Dry Fogging Mold Removal To The Washington D.C. Metro Area

Falls Church, VA – Mold problems have a negative impact on health. When left unattended, mold problems can grow at a sporadic rate. The team at Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. focuses on eliminating this problem by employing the latest approach to mold remediation, the dry fogging mold removal approach.

“Most mold removal companies use invasive measures to treat mold’s presence which often includes removing and replacing the mold-stricken porous building materials. Other companies use chemicals, blasting, scrubbing or ozone – all of which pose the risk of not just cross-contaminating other areas of the property but are also destructive, tedious, and inconvenient. Our process of dry fogging to remove mold is none of this. Our process is thorough, convenient, natural, fast, affordable, and 100 percent non-destructive. You won’t even need to remove any items or personal belongings from the property while it’s being treated, and we’ll verify that the treatment worked by sending a sample to an independent third-party lab for mold testing to offer you peace of mind,” said the representative for the mold removal company.

With Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C., property owners in and around Washington, DC will find that their needs will be addressed by a team of experts who are constantly improving on their knowledge to ensure effective mold remediation.

The team at Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. ensures that each client is presented with a personalized service that is aimed at eliminating the health problems they are experiencing due to mold presence in their home or business.

Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. and its team deliver effective and cost-efficient mold removal Washington DC by first showing up at the customer’s property to test for mold and the extent of the invasion. After having tested the extent of the invasion, the team sets up a containment plan that is focused on addressing the problem across all of the affected areas at once.

The process of mold removal DC and remediation adopted by Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. is one that is fast and allows customers access into their homes or businesses in the shortest possible time frame.

Having provided stellar services to a countless number of customers in and around their service areas, Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. has earned several 5-star reviews and testimonials.

A customer, describing the experience with the mold removal crew said: “My son has bad seasonal allergies, and after we found mold in our home, they became even worse. The dry fog system removed the mold quickly and our household has been healthy since!”

Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. can be reached for emergency response needs via phone by 7039523234 or visit their website. Located at 6510 Overbrook Street, Falls Church, Virginia 22043 US, the company can also be reached via email at info@puremaintenancedc.com.


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