Garage Door Repair and Installation Available in Bacliff, Texas

Garage Door Repair and Installation Available in Bacliff, Texas

The garage door has become the main entryway for most families living in Bacliff, TX. Unlike using the front entrance to gain access into a home, a garage door offers a more secure way of coming and going. With the push of a button, the door raises and lowers while allowing the operator to have full use of their arms for more important things, such as carrying a child or lugging in the groceries. When the door isn’t working as it should, it may require repairs or replacement to have it fully operational again.

Pay Attention to the Warning Signs

Many times, the first indication that a garage door has a problem is unusual sounds, such as a grinding or rubbing noise or a failure to open and close smoothly. Over time, dirt and grime adhere to the moving parts, causing them to move slower than they should. Worn springs, damage to the track, a frayed cable, or problems with the sensor on the garage door opener are other signs that warrant having a garage door inspected. Attending issues early on can extend the life of a garage door. Please visit for more information.

Failure to Provide Regular Maintenance May Result in a Broken Garage Door 

It’s not the top priority on most homeowner to-do lists, but consistent garage door maintenance can keep a door operating indefinitely. A well-cared-for door is one that has been regularly serviced by a professional technician. A technician will clean and check the track for proper alignment, examine the rollers, adjust the tension on the springs, secure all of the hardware, and lubricate the moving parts. The technician will also ensure that the up-and-down movement of the door is functioning correctly, along with checking the sensors and photocells for safety. For maintenance information or assistance with a specific issue regarding an overhead door, go to

Some Jobs Are Better Left to the Professionals

Garage door maintenance may sound simple, but if improperly done it can cause permanent damage to the door or the operating components. For instance, using the wrong kind of lubricant can gum up the system instead of making it run smoother. Improper tension on the springs can force them to break. The track and rollers should not be greased since it can cause the operating system to work harder or completely jam up. Garage doors require specific safety knowledge to avoid a serious accident from occurring when the door is in use. It’s highly recommended property owners have a professional do an inspection and make any necessary repairs when needed. 

When a Replacement Garage Door is Needed, Consider All of the Options

If repairing an overhead door is not cost-effective, a new door may the better option. There are several materials to chose from, including wood, aluminum, and steel. Styles range from traditional to energy-efficient, contemporary, or even custom designed. The choices are endless, so take the time to explore the many options before making a final selection. A new overhead door should last for around 30 years.

There’s a Reason That They’re the Industry Leader

The Overhead Door Company of Houston opened its doors in 1934. They developed the first upward acting door in 1921 and the electric door opener in 1926. The company strives to provide unsurpassed customer service, and its dedication to quality, integrity, and expertise keeps them at the top to this day.

Keep the garage door functioning with regular maintenance by an experienced company. When warning signs are present, call for an inspection.

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