NY Orofacial Pain Specialist reports rise in jaw disorders in COVID times

Connecticut & NY TMJ is extending an expert and state-of-the-art Orofacial Pain treatment for various dental issues and also increased the rate of jaw disorder in the current COVID times.

New York City – December 14, 2020 – COVID-19 has led to a random number of health issues, both directly and indirectly and a major impact of the pandemic is being observed in the dental sector. Leading NY-based Orofacial Pain Specialist Dr. Chandwani has recently reported an increasing spike in jaw disorders especially in the current pandemic era. While COVID-19 might not be the key factor here but it’s the major problems arising from the pandemic risk and lockdown times which are believed to have abetted dental issues big time of late.

A name of big repute across the American dentistry scene, Dr. Chandwani is a board certified Orofacial Pain Specialist and one of the few experts in the country with a specialization in the new dental specialty of Orofacial Pain. He specializes in TMJ Disorders and Orofacial Pain cases and treats patients across Connecticut and New York through his clinic Connecticut & NY TMJ.  

(In Frame: Dr. Brijesh Chandwani, DMD)

Per the statements of Dr. Chandwani, he has recently observed an alarming increase in numbers of patients having jaw pain, jaw locking and headaches which are somehow related to the current pandemic of COVID19, even if indirectly.  

“We have been receiving an increasing number of patients with jaw disorders for the past few months now. This week only, I saw three patients who suffered from COVID19 about 3-6 months ago and each started having jaw disorders around that time. One started suffering from jaw locking while the other two started having sharp pain in their ear and jaw which progressively worsened”, stated Dr. Chandwani. 

Per his statements, the COVID-19 infection might not be directly responsible behind these dental problems but the virus has proven to weaken the immune system which could be a major cause behind such jaw disorder cases he has been receiving lately.  

“I don’t believe that that COVID-19 has directly caused these symptoms but they (his patients)  started having these symptoms either due to the suppressed immune response or increased stress resulted from the disease.” 

The emergence of COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown period induced by the pandemic have brought a sea change in almost every aspect of life. There has been a global spike in poor sleep, increased stress and fatigue resulting from irregular work hours and forced social distancing. Frequent use of masks is another big factor here. Masks pull on ears which lead to spasms and muscle discomfort in ear, jaw as well as head. The situation can even trigger risks of migraines and COVID-19 has already been linked to headaches. 

“If you are having symptoms like jaw disorders, teeth grinding or clenching, you should immediately consult an Orofacial Pain Specialist facility. At Connecticut & NY TMJ, we assure you of an expert Orofacial pain diagnosis and state-of-the-art treatment, especially tailored to your specific condition.” 

Connecticut & NY TMJ caters to a number of dental issues, including Bruxism, Jaw Clicking, Locking and Popping, Migraines, Burning Mouth Syndrome and so on. The clinic is equipped to offer a vast and versatile range of treatments including Botulinum injections, acupuncture, physical medicine, mouthguards and more.

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