Humanitarian Emmanuel Agwi Creates a Legendary Agenda to Address Extreme Poverty in Parts of Africa

Humanitarian Emmanuel Agwi Creates a Legendary Agenda to Address Extreme Poverty in Parts of Africa

The late Mother Teresa, now known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, is, without a doubt, one of the greatest humanitarians in history. She once said that, “Responsibility is a very personal thing. It is what comes from knowing the need to take action and not just a need to urge others to do something.” At the helm of taking part of the responsibility to make a significant impact on the lives of his fellow countrymen in Nigeria and Ghana, Africa, is humanitarian Emmanuel Agwi, CEO and founder of Good Cause Circle. 

A recent publication from The World Bank reveals the latest statistics on poverty and inequality in Nigeria released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). The report highlights that 40% of the total population live below the country’s poverty line. This translates to almost 83 million people living only on at least $381 per year. This report is based mainly on the data made available by the Nigerian Living Standards Survey (NLSS), the official survey used as a basis for measuring poverty and the country’s living standards. 

As a Nigerian now living in the United States, seeing this data is heartbreaking for Emmanuel Agwi. Realizing that millions of his fellow countrymen continue to live in abject poverty causes him to envision a better Nigeria and a better Africa, where people are free from poverty, social injustice, and lack of education. The Good Cause Circle is Emmanuel’s response to the pressing need to take action in order to help alleviate the lives of as many people as they can reach in Nigeria and Ghana. 

As a non-profit organization, it has been actively reaching out to people with little or no income at all and supplies basic health needs from healthy food to regular health check-ups. Since its founding in 2019, the Good Cause Circle has successfully initiated blood pressure check-ups, HIV tests, and cancer screening, among others, to numerous individuals. These initiatives are being undertaken with the support of qualified health volunteers. Interestingly, the organization not only reaches out to Nigerians and other needy communities based in the United States; they also raise support to be able to reach desolate parts of Nigeria at the same time. 

Emmanuel Agwi admits to having always wanted to give back in any way that he can and impact communities long-term. He understands that extreme poverty is at an all-time high around the world today and that there is a need to take part in helping others intentionally. He intends to fight extreme poverty by building a better substructure for communities and empowering its people through the practice of metacognition. 

Together with his team of committed volunteers headed by the Good Cause Circle President, Frances Osamor, Emmanuel aspires to be able to do more collaborations to help create an awareness that will open the eyes of the rest of the world to the sad plight of many Nigerians and Africans in general. In doing this, he hopes to inspire more humanitarian help for his fellow countrymen to achieve the dream of a better, safer, and progressive Africa. 

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