Nothing Distinguishes Eyes and Facial Features Better than Well-Groomed, Expressive Eyebrows

It is often said that the “eyes are the window to the soul” of a person. To frame the eyes better, however, a great set of eyebrows need to exist. Sambrow understands this and can craft a set of eyebrows that will transform anyone’s eyes from plain to spectacular. Well-shaped and crafted eyebrows can make a person look younger, and more rested. The effects of great looking eyebrows should not be underestimated and most Sambrow clients are astonished at the difference they see immediately after a session. Clients can choose from brow reformations that includes 3-D embroidery where stitched portions of false eyebrows are interspersed with the natural eyebrow hairs while whittling out the hairs that are too dense or too stiff. This treatment is perfect for those with very wiry and dense eyebrows. Shadow brows, on the other hand, intersperse light and dark increments of brows within the framework of the existing brows and are best when used for those that have sparse or non-existent eyebrows. The different techniques are customized to each individual client. 

The process of defining the perfect brow uses many methods including waxing and embroidery.

The total contour of an individual’s face is assessed and there is an artistic approach to the whole methodology, no matter whether a client chooses eyebrow sculpting, permanent lip liner, or permanent eyeliner. The results last for months no matter which type of treatment is chosen. Of course, there is some maintenance needed, usually within a three-month period, but if upkept correctly, the maintenance is minimal. The initial sessions are the base for the perfect facial sculpting via eyebrows, lips, or eyes, and much thought and time as well as design effort goes into the initial applications. Both working class individuals, men and women seek eyebrow, lip, and eyeliner architecture, as do celebrities and politicians. Looking as good as possible does start with facial definition of brows, lips, and eyes. The dramatic difference in changing facial contours that these sculpting methods bring is revolutionary. Definition of eyebrows, lips and eyes is seen as an easy way to achieve a more youthful and energized look without costly surgeries. 

Eyebrows especially can change the entire look of someone’s face. 

A badly defined or droopy arch can make a person look like they are scowling, while pencil thin brows (which were the rage some years ago), can make someone look like they are angry and unapproachable. Color counts too and the number one mistake clients make is going “too dark” rather than “too light” in choice of eyebrow shade. Using a shade that is one to two shades lighter than a person’s hair color is the best choice for eyebrows. Permanent lip lining and eyeliner is also chosen by hair color and eye color as well as overall skin tone and a professional can do the best job of determining which choices are best for each unique client.

About Sambrow

Sambrow is a salon in Richmond Hill that has been in operation for decades. The salon owner is dedicated to the artistry involved in brow shaping, lip shaping, and permanent eyeliner. The hours of operation are Monday through Sunday, 10 AM to 8 PM. There is a newsletter, and appointment setting form, a contact form, an email and a phone for bookings or questions on services. Extensive pictures are on the website with great information on how to choose the perfect facial look. Appointments are necessary. 

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