Body Code Practitioner At DIVINE Alignment Provides Mind Body Spirit Healing Through Bio-Energetic Medicine

Body Code Practitioner At DIVINE Alignment Provides Mind Body Spirit Healing Through Bio-Energetic Medicine
The certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner at DIVINE Alignment uses bio-energetic medicine techniques to bring the body back to optimum wellness and health. It enables the practitioner to let go of negative emotions that are hurting the body physically and emotionally.

According to announcements released by DIVINE Alignment and Andrew Schott, the emotion code and body code practitioner at this therapy provider helps subjects achieve the right balance of thoughts, actions, and speech while eradicating negative energies in order to bring out mind, body, and spirit healing.

Developed by renowned chiropractor Doctor Bradly Nelson, this process provides relief for myriad problems that include digestive issues, joint pain, chronic discomfort, insomnia, anxiety, tiredness, emotional fatigue, hormonal troubles, sinusitis, etc.

The certified body code practitioner at DIVINE Alignment helps clients recognize and release stuck negative feelings and energies that are causing an imbalance in the body, which manifests as pain and physical duress. Clients are supported at spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and energetic levels. Invariably, the cause is at one of these five levels, and identifying this can lead to a smooth release of negative energies. This brings relief from chronic symptoms.

DIVINE Alignment is an ideal alternative for those who wish to avoid or go easy on prescription drugs for their health issues. It can prove efficacious in eliminating negativities passed on by parents to their children.

The therapy also treats pets with negative energies trapped in them because of the environment they live in. Animals invest emotions in their human pet parents and can pick up vibes that humans cannot. It can affect them either positively or negatively. DIVINE Alignment helps pets get rid of negative energies and revert to their natural selves.

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Andrew Schott of DIVINE Alignment said, “​In order to grasp how bioenergetic medicine works using the Emotion Code/Body Code System, it is essential to understand that everything in the universe is made up of energy, and that includes our body. Everything, including thoughts, emotions, humans, pets, and anything you can think of, is made up of pure energy.

Perhaps you’ve tried other methods to address your problems, but they have failed to reach the results you wanted. By tapping into the intelligence of the body’s “subconscious mind” – the body code system can truly help find hidden causes and imbalances that often go unnoticed by modern medicine.”

On the therapies offered by DIVINE Alignment, Schott said, “Many people in ancient times believed that the heart was the “seat of the soul.” We experience daily life and emotions through and in our hearts.  Dr. Bradley Nelson discovered that there could be a wall of trapped emotions around our hearts. Over 98% of people have a “Heart Wall” that could potentially lead to emotional and physical problems.

The HeartSync sessions are a great compliment to removing your Heart Wall. Release emotional trauma and synchronize ALL parts of your heart back into alignment with the Divine using the HeartSync model created by Father Andrew Miller. Work with my wife, Emily Schott, a Qualified Heart Sync Facilitator, and receive a new sense of connection with your heart. Set up your FREE phone consultation today.”

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DIVINE Alignment enables people to align their minds, bodies, and spirits in a balanced and healthful manner to drive away negative emotions and energies. Negativity manifests in the form of physical and mental disturbances. The certified body code practitioner at DIVINE Alignment helps people remove toxins accumulated in the body.

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