Kamera Jr., the Internet Phenomenon that Reinvented the “Music Video”

Kamera Jr., the Internet Phenomenon that Reinvented the "Music Video"
Heralded as “the Rising Star of Rock Music” by MTV Hits, Invited 3 times at the Cannes Film Festival, the French artist blew up the boundaries between Music & Cinema on Facebook, Youtube & Instagram to worldwide acclaim.

December 18th, 2020 – Paris, France – Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Director, Screenwriter… 26-year-old Kamera Jr. (+350k followers on Facebook) does it all in his Music Videos/Remakes of Cinema’s biggest Films.

Toy Story, Fight Club, Men In Black, Love Actually, 8 Mile, Drive, Kill Bill, James Bond films, Horror films, Superhero films…Kamera Jr. dabbles in all styles & genres as he records Covers of the most beloved Soundtracks in Movie History, while also writing-directing-acting in a Music Video/Short Film that pays tribute to the Original Film.

His works struck a chord with Millenial Movie Fans all over the world, with topics ranging from “The 7 Rules to Talk to Girls after the #MeToo Movement” (Kamera Jr. Feat. Fight Club) to Climate Change (Kamera Jr. Feat. Apocalypse Now) to Feeling Lost at Work after Graduation (Kamera Jr. – Young Savior, over 1 Million Views on Facebook).

Currently working on transforming Movie Theaters into Rock Concert Venues for the post-Covid19 world, Kamera Jr. is not done surprising the world with his Innovations in the realm of Entertainment.

Kamera Jr. is a Parisian Singer-Songwriter/Filmmaker with over 350k followers paying tribute to the Best Movies of All Times & their beloved Soundtracks.

For More Information, Feel free to Contact Mr. Tal Abiker (tal.abiker@kamera-jr.com) or to contact on Social Media : Facebook : www.facebook.com/kamera.jr

Instagram : www.instagram.com/kamera_jr/

All of Kamera Jr.’s works are available on his Facebook profile.

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Country: France
Website: www.facebook.com/kamera.jr