The Very Good Butcher’s Quality Plant Based Meats Handcrafted With Real, Whole-Food Ingredients

The Very Good Butcher’s Quality Plant Based Meats Handcrafted With Real, Whole-Food Ingredients

Victoria, B.C. – When it comes to meat, it can be hard to find good meat that is also vegan meat. This is mainly because specialty stores catering to people who eat plant-based meats are usually in the big city. For those who want a more country lifestyle or grow up in a small town, being vegan can be difficult.

This is where The Very Good Butchers come in. A person can get the best vegan meat here. One can even order it online. This really helps with navigating the COVID-19 crisis as a vegan. The best plant-based meats are ones that have variety. Just because they are made from beans doesn’t mean consumers don’t want them to taste like real meats, they are nostalgic for.

They call their staff bean butchers, which is a fun way of terming their plant-based meat making processes. The founders of the product first tried their luck at a small local BC market. When they sold out, they felt that they had a product more marketable to a larger public.

It’s definitely an enviable concept and vegans will be a lot happier to be able to get the best vegan plant-based meat shipped to them online. James Davison is the president and Mitchell Scott is the CEO of the operations. They live in Victoria, B.C. where they sell their wares.

On the blog section on their website people can see a little bit more up to date news. There is even information about how the company is navigating COVID-19. On the website, a person can also find recipes and instructions. This can help to make vegan meals more flavorful. It can also help with meal planning. One needs to just order the meat bases and then can cook with what the person can select at a local grocery store.

There is certainly a lot of heart behind this mission. The foods on the website look delicious. It definitely doesn’t look like a vegan is missing out on life when looking on the site. One can see delectable burgers and fries. Those looking to live a healthier and more ethical vegan lifestyle can definitely use this site as a reference point.

All in all, The Very Good Butchers is a place where people can have a great selection of the best plant-based meats. There is anything from charcuterie to typical meats to make a roast dinner. It’s a great place to look for inspiration on what to cook for supper next as well. Guaranteed that consumers will be happy with the selection on this site for their vegan meals.

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