A rising music sensation and celebrity, George Gstar is a successful entrepreneur who has amassed millions of dollars in wealth

George Gstar Abbot is a successful rapper and businessman who aims to continue growing his net-worth by pursuing his passion for music and profitable businesses!

New York, USA – George Gstar is a famous entrepreneur, rapper, singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and real estate mogul who has been able to build a wealth portfolio worth millions of dollars. His real estate portfolio stands at $65 million alone, taking his total net worth to a staggering $180 million. George Gstar Abbot has tasted success in entrepreneurship before hitting the age of 25 and is now all charged up to test his skills in the music industry. Gstar George has announced that he is soon going to drop his first rap music video titled ‘Dark World’.

George Gstar was raised in a middle-class family and did not have a silver spoon in his mouth when he was born. He had dreamt of becoming a businessman since his childhood and eventually achieved his dream by working smart and staying passionate about his goals. Recounting his journey as an entrepreneur so far, George remarked: “I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not know that I wanted to be in the business world. Living in Florida at the time, the hours seemed flexible, as I had already bought and sold some couples of properties and loved the close interaction I got. In my early life, I learned how to deal with people, how to diffuse a situation, and how to get my voice heard. It was truly a wonderful way to grow up surrounded by love and support, but it was also challenging to navigate how to make my own way in the family.”

George Gstar Abbot began his career as a real estate entrepreneur in Florida and after closing a couple of successful deals, he moved to New York, where he eventually got his real estate license. His love for entrepreneurship led him to discover many more businesses such as logistics and metal recycling business, however, real estate stays at the top of his list for most preferable businesses. Gstar has unlocked the secret of effective negotiation and selling which has enabled him to pocket millions of dollars in profit in just a couple of months. Currently, George Gstar owns and manages multiple businesses across the globe including motor recycling firms whose operations are cut across Russia and the USA, websites that generate more than $45 million in profits yearly, a freight and logistics firm, and treatment for anxiety patients by using techniques which blend medical procedures with hemp oil.

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George Gstar Abbot is a successful real estate dealer turned rapper, who has reached a net worth of over $180 million before reaching the age of 25. Recently, he has announced to enter into the music industry by publishing a rap music video, titled ‘Dark World’.

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