Shawn Berry just dropped a new visual for his song Ruger freestyle

Shawn Berry has a newly released visual for – Ruger freestyle which features a performance against the Atlanta, Ga. city back drop. This result of a 3am freestyle is a track backed by sewn verses and word play, bouncing over a gritty yet soulful track. A 2nd amendment conversation for sure; as the lyrics “Licensed for it” stand out. He hits different angles moving from the suave approach offering witty promises to antagonistic behavior, to a more direct and gritty stance. Versatility in one word describes Shawn’s work often being asked the question, “you did this one too?” You can tap in on your favorite music streaming platform search him and listen.

You’ll experience multiple styles dancing in and out of various genres clinging mostly to Urban soul-Hip hop. He has independently released and distributed 50 songs in partnership with Ingrooves/UMG. Notable releases include GottaLearn and I’m Livin. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, or the “Tundra Plains” as he calls it hinting at just how cold it can get during Upstate winters, Atlanta has become his new home, however he feels LA is calling. When asked what moves him to create he stated “Being present and experiencing life.”

Sounds a bit zin-ish however it cannot be more true for any artist or creator. Art often imitates life. He provided a mantra which lifts him when in a creative rut. With closed eyes and deep breaths he recites, ”creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and mostly having fun.” As owner of all of his masters and catalog, plans to enter into a major label deal are now developing which would increase visibility, reach, and the ability to provide fans with even more musical works of greater quality.

You can also go to his Youtube page and view more video releases there or connect with him via Instagram: @shawnberry, Twitter: @shawn_berry, Tiktok: @shawnberrymusic, or ClubHouse: @shawnberry to name a few.

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