Green Town·LiuAn Xiaofeng, Epoch-making Masterpiece, Redefining Quality Life

On December 26, 2020,an epoch-making residential masterprice dominated the Times Square in New York, starting a new trend of architectural aesthetics in this era.

Fuzhou Green Town·LiuAn Xiaofeng presents itself to the world on the LED Screen of Times Square in New York, announcing its epoch making masterpiece in international arena.

Green Town attaches great importance to quality. The company’s slogan is: the higher the quality, the longer the company survives. Green Town has been devoted to the industry wholeheartedly through high-quality buildings.

Green Town treats every building as the continuance of brand life. Green Town’s value, spirit and culture is embodied in its product. Every Green Towner cherishs its product as his own life, and strives to achieve perfection with craftsmanship.

Green Town·LiuAn Xiaofeng, adhering to Green Town’s consistent concept, with internationalised taste and world-class quality, presents landmark buildings of Fuzhou to the world.

Green Town·LiuAn Xiaofeng, with wide popularity and high reputation, fully lives up to people’s expectations. 

In the past, Fuzhou people were proud of being on the Times Square in New York; Today, the Times Square in New York will be graced by the epoch making masterpiece in Fuzhou.

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