A perfect guide for floor installation – Hardwood Bargains brings the ultimate comparison between SPC and WPC

Hardwood Bargains works to provide honest and transparent work to the clients. In the blog released by Hardwood Bargain, a direct comparison of SPC and WPC can be seen. These are among the major types of flooring applied in residential and commercial units. This comparison is made available so that people can see what pros and cons incorporate each type and to eventually help them make a better decision when it comes to floor installation.

Austin, TX, USA – Flooring decisions can be hard to make, one needs to completely understand what underlies the perfect flooring solution. To provide ease to the customers in this regard, Hardwood Bargains has the ultimate comparison between the two kinds of flooring, SPC and WPC. This SPC vs WPC blog serves as the perfect guide to those who want to find out which of these will suit them the best. SPC Flooring or Stone Plastic Composite flooring is strong and waterproof, whereas WPC Flooring or Wood Plastic Composite flooring is specifically engineered to be strong and durable. But this is not all, there are much more details and technicalities that lie beneath the surface.

A flooring solution like an SPC or WPC is composed of different layers. SPC is composed of Backing Layer, SPC Core, Printed Vinyl Layer and Wear Layer. On the other hand, WPC includes Wear Layer, Printed Film, Vinyl Top Layer and Extruded Rigid Core. Both of these layers have their pros and cons, hence one person might prefer SPC over WPC and vice versa depending on the individual needs.

SPC can be a great flooring choice for those individuals who want a waterproof and an anti-slip floor. SPC is waterproof and thus it is quite rare to see any kind of mold, fungus or mildew growing on its surface. Even in highly damp areas, SPC works wonders against any kind of mildew and molds. Even if there is water on the floor of SPC, there is nothing to worry about, since it is anti-slip. Moreover, SPC is also fire retardant, dimensionally stable and has no harmful materials like any kind of formaldehyde.

WPC, on the other hand, can be a better option for those who are on a budget but still want a comfortable, waterproof and an easy-to-install floor. WPC costs lower than SPC without sacrificing quality, and so those who are short on a budget can opt for WPC. This flooring also provides comfort and durability, ensuring a long life of the floor. Additionally, WPC also comes in various vibrant color schemes to choose from.

Hardwood Bargains is created with one strong aim that is to deliver the products to the customers at direct manufacturing prices. This pricing does not impact the quality of the products and so, quality products are made available at low prices. With this core value implemented, the customers’ expectations are exceeded.

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