Chrome The Series Episode 2 Release Date Pushed to Feb 2nd as it Expands onto Dozens of Streaming and Cable Platforms.

Chrome The Series Episode 2 Release Date Pushed to Feb 2nd as it Expands onto Dozens of Streaming and Cable Platforms.

“The hit show Chrome The Series Episode 2 on Amazon Prime has been delayed as preparations are being made for expansion onto Vizio Premium TV, Dark Matter and a host of world-wide platforms. The series stars Katie Erin Tomlinson, Anthony Piana, Susan Goforth, Natasha Coppola-Shalom, Dave Morrissey Jr., Joanne Scorcia and Teddy Smith.”
Pendragon Pictures has postponed the release of “Chrome The Series – Episode 2,” as they have switched to Vizio TV Premium as their premiere TV streaming platform amidst the rapidly changing landscape of the entertainment industry.

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The dystopian superhero robot series starring Katie Erin Tomlinson, Anthony Piana, Susan Goforth, Natasha Coppola-Shalom and Dave Morrissey Jr., which was expected to debut on Jan 1st, will now touch down in expanded venues on Feb. 2nd, 2021. 

Pendragon announced that the delay is due to a new package of distribution deals that came in just before the release of the 2nd episode.

A deal has been struck to place the series on Vizio Premium TV as its exclusive first wave. Non-Vizio TV viewers of the series should not despair. The new distribution arrangement means far more platforms and world-wide access to Chrome The Series one month after the Vizio premiere of each episode.  Channels like Dark Matter TV and many network and cable TV platforms across the globe will now stream and air the series.  

The series will still be on Amazon Prime, which will be amongst the second wave of streaming TV and cable platforms.

“Timothy Hines is an extraordinary filmmaker and with ‘Chrome: The Series – Episode 2,’ he has delivered an intensely dynamic episode that viewers of all ages around the world will truly love,” said Susan Goforth, Pendragon Pictures president. “We’re very proud of the series and the success of Episode 1 on Amazon Prime that garnered 93 million viewing minutes within the first two weeks.  We look forward to bringing the next chapter to audiences on the newly expanded platforms.” 

Pendragon Pictures enjoyed massive success with “Chrome The Series,” which released May 30, 2020 on Amazon Prime to strong reviews with millions of viewers. The coronavirus has dealt a near deathblow to the entertainment industry, but movies and TV shows are slowly finding a way back.

Director Timothy Hines added, “Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the production of dramatic storytelling is returning. ‘Chrome’ is a story of clearly defined heroes and villains like the old fashioned cliffhangers and classic sci-fi fantasy films on which the series is styled.” 

Co-star Natasha Coppola-Shalom (talented niece of Nicolas Cage, grandniece of Francis Ford Coppola and cousin of Sophia Coppola) said, “What I like about ‘Chrome The Series’ is that it is pure escapism. It takes itself seriously in the fun way the original ‘Star Wars’ did back in the day. When you’re watching it, you don’t think of anything else.”

Above: Chrome The Series Episode 2 – The Bride of Frankenstein 

“Chrome The Series,” is an escapist fantasy adventure about a female robot slave who defies her cruel masters with the help of a repairbot named Perdix (Coppola-Shalom) to fight injustice and bring light to a dark dystopian world.

Line Producer Dominick Martini mused, “People needed good drama in the before times and they need it even more now that so much of the world is hold up in their homes waiting out the pandemic.”

Co-producer Donovan Le, who also plays Viper beginning in episode 2 added, “This delay is insignificant considering the two decade gestation of the production. In a short time millions more viewers world-wide will be able to escape their troubles into Chrome The Series.”

New cast members for “Chrome the Series – Episode 2” include Joanne Scorcia, Teddy Smith and Josh MacPhearson.

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