Building Backlinks is Essential in the Automotive Industry

Building Backlinks is Essential in the Automotive Industry

“Press Release Distribution”
The following applies not only in the automotive industry: good content marketing is more important than ever today. Good content can be used to acquire new customers, as informative information reaches a broad readership, which in turn generates backlinks. The press releases are published on the oldest content marketing platform on the Internet: press portals and press distribution lists. The more diverse and regular the publication, the more lasting the effect of the online press releases.

Even around 3 years after their publication, press releases regularly reach search results on page 1 of the search engines

It is true that online press releases achieve top positions in the first few days after their publication, but editorial content marketing can still achieve very good visibility on page 1 of Google & Co. even after 2 – 3 years. This is also one reason why the regular publication of company-relevant information can strengthen websites in the short and long term, but in any case sustainably. A quick start for start-up companies with the help of online press releases is just as easy to achieve with regard to faster indexing on Google as the improved success of websites that have been active for a long time.

The development of backlinks is also indispensable in the automotive industry – good content for acquiring new customers implements this practically on the side

The automotive industry, like any other form of business, is dependent on the generation of backlinks. Press releases – or editorial content marketing as a whole – are a very suitable means for this. Search engines like Google “greed” for new content. For this reason, they visit the news portals several times a day in order to always be able to answer search queries with the most current and relevant results possible. Blog entries can offer the same benefit, as there is a permanent flow of information here too, which regularly creates backlinks. For a quick indexing on Google and to measurably strengthen the website, not only young companies are well advised to entrust a company specializing in the automotive industry with the appropriate content marketing.

Press portals and press distribution lists are the oldest content marketing platforms on the Internet

Until the introduction of the Internet, content marketing was mainly in print form. The marketing departments maintained address lists with target persons – usually editors of various print media. The aim was to reach a broad readership through print media with a large reach and to provide information about the products themselves and upcoming events. Microsoft, which was the first company to start a blog in 2004, in a sense initiated the starting shot for the oldest content marketing platform on the Internet: Press portals and press distribution lists took over the publication of the new form of press releases, including company information and company videos. This trend continues to this day and blogging is a useful addition.

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