Humanity Prevails in the Time of COVID-19

The 2020 Christmas is an unusual one. Reunions got cancelled in the time of pandemic. “COVID-19 & lockdown” entered Word of the Year list. This broad challenge treats everyone on earth equally, making it a test for all human beings. Regardless of borders, races, and interests, the world stays connected and stays together. The anti-epidemic stories are shared across the world and the unified frontline against the virus has been secured. 2020 is a year full of stories, and Huawei chose a touching one to tell with a mini-film released recently.

This story happened in a winter. A homeless produced all his pennies in a coffee shop, only to find it enough to get just one cup of coffee. Feeling for him, the shop owner gave him a croissant for free and left him an encouraging note, while that piece of note marks the start of their touching friendship.

With the COVID-19 attacking the physical business, the coffee shop struggled and didn’t make it through; however, the shop owner still kept the last basket of food for his homeless buddy. With many other homeless friends receiving the food, all these lonely souls gathered in the coffee shop and celebrated for the freezing yet warm Christmas night.

Come to think of it, people almost only unite like such when confronting the “common enemy”. Like we said, 2020 is labeled with “COVID-19 & Lockdown”, we are depending more on network communication to “stay connected”. Likewise, 2020 also marks the first year when many industries take their businesses online. However, the network communication still failed to thrive on such surging demand, moreover, its development is suspended as a result of man-made impediments and purposeful “suppression”.

The world is calling for more advanced networks for online business. Obviously, cracking down on the leading company in 5G industry like Huawei certainly won’t help the world access to that very technology, leaving those need unanswered and problems unsolved. “Tech border” thus arises as the trouble in 5G bothering some countries.

Think about it, will the mutual support be possible if the homeless was given a cold shoulder by the shop owner?

No single company nor single country can bring the best out of top-notch technology like 5G. The sound development calls for cooperation among all parties, while excluding Huawei certainly won’t take the development to a higher level. Only when every party is involved, can the world embrace the win-win situation.

The epidemic attack lingers on, and the world is responding. The historic consecutive 128-week of economic increase in the U.S. was ended; the Euro area real GDP is projected to be down by 7.3%; the “Go To Travel” scheme in Japan is suspended, and the Tokyo Olympic Games is still up in the air.

In the time of COVID-19, all countries shall bury the hatchet and join hands in fighting the virus.

Only when we bid farewell to “conflict and division”, can we bring the world economy back on track.


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