Body Sugaring Continues Rapid Rise With Launch Of The Sugar Network

Body Sugaring Continues Rapid Rise With Launch Of The Sugar Network

“Shannon “SugarMama” O’Brien”
The Top Sugaring Professionals Are Just a Click Away

January 5, 2021 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Shannon O’Brien Sophia, affectionately known as “Sugarmama” and the founder of iSugar University, announced the launch of The Sugar Network, her latest project promoting Body Sugaring as the natural alternative for hair removal. Designed to become the #1 Body Sugaring resource in the beauty industry, this directory offers more than a simple Google search, as consumers will be able to find licensed and certified professionals in their area on The Sugar Network.

As more people seek out a gentler and more natural form of hair removal, more and more beauty professionals have turned to body sugaring as a preferred method over waxing, lasers, shaving or other methods. Connecting a network of trained and certified Body Sugaring Professionals to a broad audience looking for the most effective, economical, safe, and least painful form of hair removal is the objective behind the launch of Shannon’s latest project.

The is both a public directory to discover a true professional nearby and an information hub to better understand how sugaring works. For estheticians, this networking hub has all the resources one could ask for when it comes to body sugaring, including informative articles, access to industry educators, nearby locations, advanced education, online tutorials, and access to the industry leading podcast, “The SugarShow”, hosted by founder Shannon “SugarMama” O’Brien Sophia.

Sugaring is taking the United States by storm as a clean, safe, mild, and effective way to gently remove unwanted hair. Beauty professionals are rushing to perfect their techniques, and clients are searching for talented Sugarists in their local area. In a challenging year, The SugarNetwork is designed to kick off 2021 the right way. Sugar Pros are ready to bring their expertise out into the world, and they have a “Sweet & Strong” comeback in the works for 2021.

Why are so many finding body sugaring to be the ultimate hair removal solution? Body sugaring is a safe, natural process that has so many benefits for the skin and does more than just remove hair. Sugarists use a paste made of lemon, sugar, and water that glides smoothly over the skin, seeping around the hair, and is gently removed in the direction of hair growth. The presence of natural ingredients over the typical resins found in wax allows for a number of benefits, one of which is the fact that it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin. Additionally, it’s more effective at removing smaller hairs that waxing tends to miss. Waxing also tends to break a lot of hairs during the removal process, leading to a significantly higher risk of ingrown hairs. It goes without saying that the more delicate, less painful process of sugaring prevents this, too. Even better, repeated sugaring will lead to less body hair growth in general, meaning less frequent applications than typical waxing, generally smoother skin, less maintenance overall, and best of all, there’s no sticky or messy clean-up!

The SugarNetwork is expanding to include all certified and experienced sugarists, spas, and schools that offer sugaring, and all are welcome to be a part of it. For more information on The SugarNetwork and body sugaring in general, visit their website for informative articles and location finders, follow them on Instagram, contact them via email at, or call them directly at (512) 887-8427. The SugarShow Podcast is available here, as well as all major podcast streaming services. 2021 will be strong and sweet for all who are ready to start the year smooth!

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