Embrace One’s Beauty. On Their Terms: AntiBeauty Revolutionizes the Skincare Industry With Inclusive Products Supporting LGBTQ+ Communities

Embrace One's Beauty. On Their Terms: AntiBeauty Revolutionizes the Skincare Industry With Inclusive Products Supporting LGBTQ+ Communities
Featuring 100% All-Natural, Cruelty-Free, Sustainably-Sourced Collections, AntiBeauty Smashes Stereotypes, Celebrates Individuality, and Inspires Confidence to Find Beauty From Within

January 5, 2020 – “Is the future of skincare… neutral?”

It’s a provocative question for some, as societal norms over the past two centuries predestined the notion that people are irreversibly defined. Packaged into neat, little boxes inside a binary, unalterable world.

As society evolves toward more inclusive definitions of gender, consumers are realizing gender in consumption is often nothing more than a social construct. People are conditioned from childhood to associate some products as ‘feminine’ and others as ‘masculine,’ especially skincare.

When transitioning, the skin experiences sudden and dramatic changes, like increased oiliness, acne, and hyperpigmentation. ‘Gender-specific’ fragrances and dyes may only exacerbate those skin conditions. But according to the American Academy of Dermatology, the fundamental elements of an effective skincare regimen are the same – regardless of gender.

Projected  to reach over $185 billion before the end of the decade, the most traditional elements of the global skincare industry have become antiquated, marginalizing millions around the world with gender-specific marketing.

What if there was a skincare brand that didn’t see the world in only pink and blue? A skincare brand that’s with people every step of the way, along one’s journey to embrace their true beauty and love the best version of their self?

With premium collections scientifically formulated to target, treat, and nourish all skin types, AntiBeauty believes all are beautiful – regardless of who they are or who others think they are. They’re the brand on a mission to smash stereotypes and shatter glass ceilings.

AntiBeauty Means Beauty Without Limits

After 15 years spent as a renowned makeup artist, Benjamyn Gardner witnessed first-hand the lack of diverse representation within the beauty industry. Wanting to rewrite the archaic script dictating ‘who’s hot’ and ‘who’s not,’ Benjamyn launched AntiBeauty.

100% organic, vegan, free of toxic chemicals, sustainable and ethical, AntiBeauty’s products are clean, all-natural, and made exclusively in Australia. From hydrating Saturate and cleansing Reveal to gentle Fragile and revitalizing Potent, AntiBeauty’s exclusive collections were created for all, not for some.

AntiBeauty celebrates the unique layers of one’s self-expression. Simply put – Every single one is already beautiful and don’t need anyone’s validation; AntiBeauty is just here to help one keep it that way. Whether dry, oily, sensitive, or in need of a youthful, radiant boost, AntiBeauty has the right product for everyone.

Be the Disruptor Not the Disrupted With AntiBeauty

One’s boldness and individuality separate them from the rest. Their power comes from within and they’re ready to take the world by storm. AntiBeauty is the disruptor, the skincare brand helping one take back control of their beauty by embracing what makes them… perfectly themselves.

Because AntiBeauty is more than skin deep.

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