Gio’s English App: A Cambridge English School In Pocket

As a Cambridge guide to effective writing and speaking for Advanced English students, Gio’s English App brings a Comprehensive study programme with certified professional courses

Gio’s English School App is now the new English learning platform for international students in Cambridge. The UK based ‘Gio’s English’ is also an English school in Cambridge mainly focused on international students and they are establishing their online presence and expanding worldwide with their new learning app. 

Due to covid restrictions, International students could not travel to Cambridge for studying English; as a remedy for this, a new English App, the first and best of its kind from Cambridge is available in Google Play Store, providing an English learning journey just like in-person.

Gio’s English School is a favourite study centre in Cambridge for international students for almost 20 years. BY not letting the pandemic deprive the students of a good education, Gio’s English SChool took the initiative to be accessible in these tough times. These English courses are recommended by many Employers/Schools in the UK and everywhere else and are considered as a good addition to CVs.  

Gio’s English School App offers advanced professional writing courses and advanced speaking courses, which can’t be found anywhere on Google or YouTube. The advanced English learners will benefit from this course with a certificate after completion. Employees and students will be benefiting equally from the courses through the App. 

The courses offered at Gio’s English School are:

1. Advanced Professional writing course

2. Advanced Speaking Course 

3. OET/IELTS Speaking course.

The curriculum has video lessons, animations, practical exercises and email writing. Artificial Intelligence is used in the advanced speaking course for ‘JAM sessions’ and ‘Think in English’. Gio’s English School turns out to be the first to use animations in grammar. 

The school says: “Now, students don’t come to Cambridge but Cambridge has gone to them. A Cambridge English school is in their pockets”.

Gio’s English is a complete package for those who want to improve their skill in the language. It stands out from other apps which are found to have ‘boring lectures’ and extensive use of jargons. Unlike those, Gio’s English is an all-in-all fun app, suitable for all ages with fun-filled videos and audios with extra interactive sessions. 

For more information, visit: www.giosenglish.com2/

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