Tulsa Foundation Repair By A Local, Veteran-Owned Company For Sturdy Foundations And Versatile Piering Systems

Tulsa Foundation Repair By A Local, Veteran-Owned Company For Sturdy Foundations And Versatile Piering Systems
Trifusion Foundation Repair provides interior and exterior foundation repairs in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma. With more than three decades of relevant experience, the company also offers void filling, soil densification, and sidewalk and/or driveway realignment services.

According to announcements released by Trifusion Foundation Repair and Mike Vanderlind, its Tulsa foundation repair services are trusted by residential and commercial customers that seek durable interior and exterior foundation repairs executed efficiently and at affordable rates. 

The company uses a tried and tested method that was first deployed with great success on high-value road projects undertaken by the Department of Transportation. The company uses a high-density polyurethane concrete leveling method, a simple yet effective technique that works well for industrial, commercial, and residential projects. 

Trifusion Foundation Repair is among the preferred piering companies in Tulsa OK, because of its result-driven approach to repairing foundations. The polyurethane used for raising the sunk concrete slab hardens fast, stabilizes the foundation permanently, and the surface can be used immediately. This method costs less and is more efficient than other concrete leveling techniques. Trifusion Foundation Repair can finish jobs 80% faster because of its expertise with this method. It saves time and money for its customers. This rugged material does not allow water to seep through and thus prevents erosion. The leveling is highly accurate, with an error of only 10/1000th of an inch. 

The company’s concrete lifting system has saved garage owners in Tulsa, OK, thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. Sinking, uneven, cracked driveways, or those sunk below the street level can be repaired with little fuss and in quick time. It adds years to the life of the driveway and eliminates unwanted wear and tear on the vehicles. 

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Mike Vanderlind of Trifusion Foundation Repair said, “You can count on our experience and workmanship to provide quality results in your foundation repair. For that reason, Trifusion Foundation Repair offers an industry-leading, 100% transferable warranty. 

“The Trifusion Foundation Repair process offers an eco-friendly, non-invasive concrete lifting technique. Our specially blended high-density polymer allows us to recover settlement loss and stabilize both commercial and residential foundations. This non-invasive process will enable homeowners to remain in their home during the installation. There is no need to move any furniture or remove flooring or carpeting.

“Trifusion Foundation Repair has expanded its services. In addition to offering concrete repair and concrete stitching, Trifusion now offers concrete replacement on areas of 200 sq. ft. or more. Our company has transformed over the years from starting with small residential work to building multimillion-dollar hotels all over the United States.”

On its exterior foundation repair and stabilization services in NE Oklahoma, Vanderlind said, “Trifusion Foundation Repair performs external foundation repairs using three types of exterior foundation piers. Helical piers, also known as anchors or piles, are steel shafts with helices. These piers are similar to screws. They are best used when soil conditions are not ideal for standard foundation solutions.

“When encountering thin layers of rock that cannot be penetrated using the other two types of piers, drill and drop pipe piers are the best option. We will drill until we reach a proper depth. We will then remove the drill bit and install the pipe into the hole.”

About the Company:

Trifusion Foundation Repair is a locally owned and operated business developed into a trusted foundation repair service in Tulsa, OK. With clients all over the United States, the company has acquired a reputation for speedy and durable repairs delivered at very affordable rates. 

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