The Anvil Fitness and Performance Center Brings Athletes of Every Persuasion Under One Roof

The Anvil Fitness and Performance Center Brings Athletes of Every Persuasion Under One Roof

Over the past few months, coronavirus has turned our life upside down, especially our health. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic is a frightening wake-up call for out-of-shape individuals. More than four in 10 adults are considered obese in the United States alone, while 60% are diagnosed with one chronic disease. This poses a significant threat as it can lead to serious COVID-19 complications. More than ever, health professionals in collaboration with fitness trainers/instructors encourage people to get in shape.

The Anvil Fitness and Performance Center offers its patrons a safe space to achieve their health and fitness goals.

This First Class fitness facility, located in a former lumber mill on Morlot Avenue in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, is family owned and operated. The Anvil has recently doubled down their offerings to suit the changing landscape. New fitness programs have been established to heighten the client’s awareness of their personal health. In particular, The Anvil has installed an Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) system that delivers heightened levels of oxygen to the body during exercise. This training increases the body’s level of oxygen to promote weight loss, improve immunity, accelerate recovery from illness, boost energy, and strengthen the respiratory system. This is perfect for those who haven’t been active during lockdown, the middle aged, or asthmatic as the training only requires a 15 minute workout.

There is also the ability for the elite athlete to train under a High Altitude Training Protocol. Lowering the mix of oxygen to as low as 13% simulates training in the Mile High City!    

Currently supervised by Lauren Kinnally, The Anvil’s Director of Operations believes that staying fit is more important than ever during this pandemic. “It is particularly important, especially now, with COVID, for people to stay in shape,” she shared. The facility’s architecture, with  20,000 square feet of well-lit space, outdoor ventilation, and 20 foot high ceilings makes it easy to socially distance while training.

The Anvil Fitness and Performance Center makes an ideal workout place to improve one’s health through transformative and challenging programs, while maintaining a sense of fun. The idea is not “No pain, No gain,” but rather to create a fun, family atmosphere and be sure to stay consistent with your routine.

The Anvil introduced its state of the art GLICE Training Rink, an amenity that opens up a world for ice hockey instruction. This program is managed and delivered by former NCAA and professional ice hockey players Connor Leen and University of Michigan’s former captain, Justin Selman. TopLine Hockey was formed  to ensure that quality training is given to their clients. As TopLine Hockey athletes are experiencing this high level of training, The Anvil is becoming recognized as the top notch hockey training venue in New Jersey.

The newest addition is The Anvil Fencing Academy which specializes in epee and caters to the 8-12 year old beginning Fencer.

The Anvil was established to provide high-quality personalized training for individuals who value cutting edge fitness options. The Anvil is committed to furnish New Jersey community members with individualized training programs suited for any individual regardless of age, fitness level, or athletic ability. 

To stay fit and healthy, it’s time to get that body moving. Schedule your appointment now with The Anvil Fitness and Performance Center. Check out their Instagram for more details. Be strong!

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