Cherrystone Auction Discloses the Most Valuable and Rare Stamps That Collectors Love

Cherrystone Auction Discloses the Most Valuable and Rare Stamps That Collectors Love
Cherrystone Auctions Inc. recently disclosed to the public the names of some of the most valuable and rare stamps printed within the United States.

New York, NY – In an update on their website, Cherrystone Auctions Inc., a top-rated New York stamp auction facility, released some information about the most valuable US stamps. When attending New York rare stamp auctions, the team said that philatelic lovers might not be able to run into these stamps because they are too rare. They said that people might only see them after the owner passes away and their descendants decide to sell the stamps.

They listed the Inverted Jerry as one of the most valuable and rare stamps available. The stamp symbolizes the airplane that was used for the first airmail flight. The team confirms that only 100 of these stamps were printed, which explains why they are rare. The auction house said that they hold one of these stamps in their permanent collection.

The New York rare stamp auctions’ house also listed Ben Franklin as a valuable and rare stamp. They said that the stamps are very rare because they represent the first federal stamps. They were issued in 1847 when Americans bought stamps from the post offices and put them on their mails to send them out.

About Cherrystone Auctions Inc.

Cherrystone Auctions Inc. is one of the global leaders in annual philatelic auctions. The stamp auction house brings more than $ 30 million worth of rare stamps and postal history in the market every year. They frequently hold public auctions featuring a wide range of philatelic materials all over the world, with a unique focus and top quality.

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